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The RevolutionSF audience includes both savvy consumers and a crucial core of industry insiders.

Industry Insiders: Want to reach just the right eyes in sci-fi, fantasy, comics, or games publishing? RevolutionSF is the place to do it. Print and online publishers alike follow our daily blend of humor, professionally-written reviews, and audience feedback.

Consumers: Our content draws young adult and college-educated consumers, technologically sophisticated and Internet-savvy, intensely interested in genre entertainment, from DVDs to television to books to games. This audience responds tremendously well to promotions of their favorite products and entertainment.


RevolutionSF is an online daily magazine and community dedicated to celebrating the best in science fiction, fantasy, and horror, from movies to anime to television, books to comics, videogames to card games.

RevolutionSF was created by veterans of high-profile online media including America Online, SCIFI.com, Hecklers.com, Zealot.com, ANT.com, About.com, SFSite.com, and Savant.com, as well as such popular offline media as SCI FI Magazine, Star Wars Insider, and Star Wars Gamer. Its editors and writers are strategically located in Hollywood, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, Atlanta, and across the country.

RevolutionSF features articles, fiction, and humor by such prominent writers and editors as Michael Moorcock (Elric of Melniboné, Mother London), cyberpunk guru Bruce Sterling (Schismatrix, Islands in the Net, The Difference Engine), James Cawthorn, Joe R. Lansdale (The Bottoms, Bad Chili, Jonah Hex), Neal Barrett, Jr. (Perpetuity Blues and Other Stories), Rick Klaw (MOJO Press), Jeff Quick (Star Wars Insider, Star Wars Gamer), Paul T. Riddell (SCI-FI Magazine, SciFiNow.com, Savant.com), Mark Finn (Gods New and Used, ClockworkStorybook.com), and many more.

Striking a unique balance between accessibility and depth, entertainment and information, RevolutionSF describes every facet of genre entertainment in a way which hooks casual visitors and hardcore fans alike.

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