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Six Degrees of Moulin Rouge to Red Dawn
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

Lets try a sci-fi related route.
it branches at the fork in the road and then reconverges.
Nicole Kidman was in Batman Forever with A. Tommy Lee Jones and B. Chris O'Donnell
A. was in The Fugitive with Harrison Ford who starred in the movie Witness edited by (reconvergence below)
B. was in Vertical Limit edited by (reconvergence starts now) Thom Noble who edited Red Dawn AND (sci-fi connection) Fahrenheit 451 which was based on the novel by Ray "censor this!" Bradbury.  Boo-Friggin' YAHHH (bblatt11@aol.com)

Simple, and I even did it without using Patrick Swayze!  (If only society could do the same.  - Joe) Moulin Rouge star, Nicole Kidman <1>, played Chase Meridian in Batman Forever.  Michael Gough <2> played Alfred in Batman Forever and also in Batman Returns.  Paul Reubens <3> had a small part in Batman Returns as Mr. Cobblepot.  Paul Reubens is of course, Pee Wee Herman.  Laurence Fishburne <4> was Cowboy Curtis on Pee Wee's Playhouse.  Fishburne was also Private "Clean" in Apocalypse Now which was co-written by John Milius <5>, who directed Red Dawn. (krdst2@mail.francis.edu)

Ewan MacGregor of Moulin Rouge starred with Natalie Portman in Phantom Menace. Natalie Portman did voices in Prince of Egypt, along with Danny Glover, who performed with Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove. Robert Duvall appeared in Apocalypse Now with Martin Sheen, father of Charlie, who of course was in Red Dawn. (n9oca@aol.com)

Patrick Swayze was in Red Dawn, he also was in The Outsiders with Tom Cruise.  Tom Cruise was married to Nicole Kidman for 10 years, who starred in Moulin Rouge.  (c_calthrop@hotmail.com)

Let's go the music route:
Nicole Kidman starred with Sam Neil in Dead Calm
Sam Neil appeared in The Hunt for Red October which was scored by Basil Poledouris
Basil Poledouris scored the Soundtrack to Red Dawn. (johnlopez@ev1.net)

Nicole Kidman was in Far and Away with Tom Cruise who was in Young Guns with Charlie Sheen who was in Red Dawn  (pec@gis.net)

Ok, here goes nothing...
Nicole Kidman, from Moulin Rouge, was in the kickass suspense film Dead Calm. Sam Neill, who played her husband, was also in Jurassic Park, costarring with Wayne "Hello...Newman." Knight, who had a small role in Dirty Dancing as Stan, costarring with Patrick Swayze, who, of course, was in Red Dawn. (leissuit@aol.com)

Oke-doke or is it oky-doky?  Any-who... Ewan McGregor was in Moulin Rouge & was more well known (at least by the fans on this site) as the young Obi-wan in Star Wars Episode 1.  In SW Ep 1 he was joined by Samuel "Shaft" Jackson.  Mr. Jackson was in Loaded Weapon 1 with Charlie Sheen.  Charlie "I like crack" Sheen was in Red Dawn.  End of game..... (civ2starw@aol.com)

For this entry, Countasterisk shall sup at the Table of Respect with me.

But no hogging the red beans and rice.

Moulin Rouge's Ewan McGregor was in A Life Less Ordinary with Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci was in It Could Happen to You with Red Buttons
Red Buttons was in The Story of Us with Jayne Meadows
Jayne Meadows was in Norman... Is That You? with Redd Foxx
Redd Foxx was in All the Fine Young Cannibals with Addison Richards
Addison Richards was in A Southern Yankee with Red Skelton
Red Skelton was in Half a Hero with Billie Bird
Billie Bird was in Dennis the Menace with Red Dawn's Lea Thompson  (countasterisk@yahoo.com)

All The Fine Young Cannibals? That drives me crazy.

But the following brave soulds shall likewise dine with me this week for getting to the challenge goal in the quickest manner. And for the debut of William Smith in the Six Degrees contest. Respect to Smith. Respect, I say!

Patrick Swayze and William Smith from Red Dawn were both in The Outsiders. So was Tom Cruise, who has been in more movies with Nicole Kidman than I'd care to recount. And she, of course, is in Moulin Rouge. (ciaran_conliffe@hotmail.com)

Nicole Kidman of Moulin Rouge was in Dead Calm with Billy Zane.  Zane was in Back to the Future with Lea Thompson of Red Dawn. (mntlward@earthlink.net)

Patrick Swayze (Red Dawn) and John Leguizamo (Moulin Rouge) were both in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar. (crow_steve@hotmail.com) and steve.patrick@turner.com)

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