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Lord of the Rings Meet the Beatles
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe

This may be my favorite news story ever.

The London Sun reports that the Beatles were going to do a Lord of the Rings movie.

Denis O'Dell, producer of the Beatles movie A Hard Day's Night, said in an interview that they were going to do an album to go with the film, as well. Wow . . . it wasn't just Led Zeppelin that was into Tolkien.

O'Dell said Paul McCartney would have been Frodo, and John Lennon would have been Gandalf. O'Dell didn't say who Ringo Starr and George Harrison would have played, but said their roles would have been "major." SURE they would have. I'm sure there were some bums in Prancing Pony crowd scenes that George and Ringo would have been stuck with. But of course, Yoko would have had Galadriel all to herself.

The story says that the film wasn't made because they were all "higher than Buddha" at the time. But I kid the Beatles fans! Seriously -- the story said they wanted either Stanley Kubrick (director of 2001: A Space Odyssey) or David Lean (something else) to direct. Lean was busy making a film I've never heard of, Ryan's Daughter. And Kubrick said the books were unfilmable.

Unfilmable, he said.

John would have been Gandalf. Come on, people.

RevolutionSF News Editor Joe Crowe wants to hold your hand.

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