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All The Video Game Movies Are Belong To Us
© Joe Crowe, Jason Myers, Kevin Pezzano

It had to happen eventually. As video games started making more money, someone somewhere decided it was time for them to cross over. Just like books, cartoons, and comic books before them, it was time to take something created for one media and try to adapt it to another one. This particular cross-genre patchwork has only been active for around a decade. Storylines existed in video games before then, sure. But the intricate plot printed in the instruction manual was only there to distract you from the awful graphics and bewildering gameplay.

There will be more of these. Nowadays, video game make even more money, and are often quite movie-like. 50 bucks for a video game—50 bucks for a ticket and a large popcorn. So far, however, only one of these video game movies (so far) has spawned a movie franchise, if you count two as a franchise. And you don't count jumping from live action Van Damme to animated not-Van Damme, like Street Fighter did.

Are the movies as fun to watch as the games are to play? Do they adapt the game well? Are they enjoyable on their own, regardless of the tie-in?

One thing is for sure. This new genre has produced some movies that have been, without a doubt, filmed using cameras.
Continued . . .

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