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Sci-Fi TV Cancelled Before Its Time : Five Unforgotten
© Joe Crowe

We've all been there. A sci-fi show comes on. You watch -- because you're a sci-fi fan. That's what you do. You like it. You might even like it a lot. And then, without warning, it's gone. TV networks are not known for their patience. Any sign of weakness by a show means it has to be culled from the herd.

It seems like when the networks have a hankering to give a show a spankin', they always choose sci-fi. When Family Matters with Urkel is on the air for 10 years, and The Tick didn't even get 10 episodes, where, I ask you, is the justice? The TV killing fields are littered with the corpses of shows that were never given a chance to grab an audience. Some were good to start with, and some stumbled out of the gate, with a bit of potential, but they would have required some time to develop. But oh no -- fire the actors and cancel Christmas!

(This list is based on votes by RevolutionSF readers. I didn't count shows that survived for awhile. For example, maybe some people do miss Hercules -- but it was on for a good 5 years. That's an eternity for a sci-fi show. I also weighted recently-dumped shows less, since the grief is still fresh for Wolf Lake and Invisible Man, and for shows who haven't finished airing some episodes, like Invader ZIM and Futurama.)

First, here are some comments about a few of the runners-up.

Brisco County, Jr., Millennium, and The Tick . . . all were shows that had the potential to greatly expand on their premises, and all were summarily canned by dolts who didn't know what to do with 'em. And don't get me started on M.A.N.T.I.S. Grrrrrrrrr . . . must . . . destroy . . . . network execs . . . .. (LeisSuit@aol.com)

Now and Again . . . funny show, a kind of revisionist version of 6 Million Dollar Man, with a sense of humor and some romance. The show lasted 1 season (if you consider that it was preempted umpteen times, then brought back in the spring, and call that a season), but it did the one thing that drives me
nuts about sci fi shows . . . it got canned on a cliffhanger. I HATE when the networks leave us hanging . . . (leissuit@aol.com)

The Sentinel: Being a chick, the two guys were cute. I'll say that. Now onto the actual, thought-provoking reasons for why this show was cool. Right. Well this show was a great show because it balanced gun fighting, car chasing, buildings blowing up, testosterone filled euphoria, with moments of sensitivity and humor. ::snorts::: Read that anyway you wish. (chiefette1013@hotmail.com)

Now let us think back . . . and in doing so, let us remember the most missed sci-fi shows ever.

And no weeping. You'll ruin your keyboard.

Did your favorite cancelled show not make the list? Got a problem with the ones that did? Otherwise think this list is full of crap? Write to RevolutionSF Humor Editor Joe Crowe at joe@revolutionsf.com.

Continued . . .

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