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Funniest Hazing Pranks Done to Freshmen at the Jedi Academy
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

10. Vibroblade Paddling ("Thank you sir, may I have anoth-" *BzZzt!*) (DerekBW@hotmail.com)

9. Two words: Force wedgies. (c_calthrop@hotmail.com)

8. Something to do with an inflatable Gundark, vast amounts of lubrication and hidden cameras . . . (see317@attbi.com)

7. Beat Chewbacca in that virtual game thingy on the Millennium Falcon . . . he won't rip your arms off, I swear! (LordSupercat@netscape.net)

6. Only allowing them to use the force to carry the donuts back (civ2starw@aol.com)

5. The old "Go give a swirlie to the little green guy that wanders around here and talks funny". Hee hee . . . We lose more padawannabes that way. (baeldrinahr@hotmail.com)

4. Tying them up and dropping them off in Beggar's Canyon wearing Wamp Rat suits. (ImADharmaBum@hotmail.com)

3. Make them wear a cheesey rat-tail braid and tell them it's what all the *real* Jedi wear. (superdave@jcom.home.ne.jp)

2. Funneling beer without a funnel. (jamesandkelleypalmer@yahoo.com)
1. "Gift of the Wookie" -- Freshman is told that it is impossible to do 10 sit-ups while blindfolded and holding your breath. Freshman proceeds to do sit-ups. On the 5th one, wookie stands in front of freshman and bends over. (kniofheart@aol.com)

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