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What Would Doctor Who Do?
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, June 08, 2002

Today's Dilemma: How do I let my co-workers know that they are wasting too much time?


Speak loudly and derisively of how quality is slipping around the workplace. Mention how things look so bad that they like they were designed for BBC Science Fiction shows. (mrbroe@yahoo.com)

Shove them in a telephone booth and transport them into the future to show them the consequences of their slothful actions. (bblatt11@aol.com)

Pop into the future a couple times a day and ask if they're ready yet. (mrbroe@yahoo.com)

Too long? Are you kidding? I'm a Time Lord! If something looks like it's going to take too long I hop in the TARDIS and hop ahead to the time when it gets finished!
The TARDIS and I are getting rather better at these short hops.... (mattara@rocketmail.com)

I'd say "Look out! Cybermen!" whenever I saw them. Anyone who's seen how long it takes one of those guys to walk up a flight of steps will know what I mean. (mattara@rocketmail.com)

That rather depends. If by "co-workers" you mean the people of my home planet, the Time Lords, of course they are the masters of time and therefore can waste it on into infinity and never truly 'waste' it. If on the other hand you mean the steady stream of attractive young women who travel with me, I'd suggest strong ankle support so they quit twisting their damned ankles! (crow_steve@hotmail.com)

Twiddling my scarf isn't enough anymore, I suppose. (changer4508@hotmail.com)

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