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Star Trek Conn Chair For Sale; Shatner Not Included
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
June 22, 2002

You want the conn of the Enterprise, and you can have it, if you have $80,000. And beat all the hooligans and riff-raff trying to outbid you at the last microsecond on eBay.

Ebay will auction an actual captain's chair that Captain Kirk himself plopped his butt down in on the original Star Trek.

Ah, the overacting that chair has seen.

The description says the base has the original carpet from the bridge set.

Also, William Shatner was wearing his original carpet on his head at the time.

It will be the first time anyone will pay to get that close to something that has been so close to William Shatner's butt.

News Editor Joe Crowe would gladly pay whatever it costs for that thing Uhura stuck in her ear.

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