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RevolutionSF Newsblast Archive : Diamonds Found in Neptune and Uranus
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
July 12, 2002

RevolutionSF Newsblast Archives Dateline: October 5, 1999

Science sure is fun.

Scientists say conditions are right for Neptune and Uranus (tee hee) for both planets to be fileld with diamonds. Crammed, even.

Researchers say the conditions are right for both planets to be chock-full of diamonds. And we mean real diamonds, not diamondique like those wannabes Jupiter and Mercury make.

Uranus and Neptune may be giant diamond factories because of the high pressure and the large amount of hydrogen in the atmosphere of both planets.

Researchers at UC Berkeley reported an attempt to recreate the pressure and heat on Uranus using methane resulted in tiny diamonds.

What this means, is we will be sending manned missions to these planets tomorrow, if not sooner. I want prospectors on that rock pronto!

"I squeezed a little piece of methane between two diamonds," one of the researchers said, having no idea how funny that would sound out of context.

Diamonds are forever, and so is news editor Joe Crowe! Whoooooo!

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