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Funniest Internet Abbreviations (Like LOL and ROTFLMAO) Specific To Sci-Fi
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, July 26, 2002

10. NLOLBSFIASMANMTBMFO (Not Laughing Out Loud Because Science Fiction Is A Serious Medium And Not Meant To Be Made Fun Of) (georgeduran@hotmail.com)

9. BrBWSWRotJft400+T Be Right Back Watching Star Wars Return of the Jedi for the 400th Plus Time (Your_mail_name_here@yahoo.com)

8. IKWYM-IAT = I Know What You Mean - I'm A Telepath (zelig@hoodyhoo.com)

7. GIOLK: Getting It On Like Kirk (see317@attbi.com)

6. MCTAHS - More Confused Than A Highlander Sequel (zelig@hoodyhoo.com)

5. RSVP: Red Shirt Very Postmortem (anonimus@aol.com)

4. ABABE - As Bad As Battlefield Earth (zelig@hoodyhoo.com)

3. TPMSLNMHESB = The Phantom Menace Sucks Like No Movie Has Ever Sucked Before (mntlward@earthlink.net)

2. WAHDOVR: Wincing At Horrible Dialogue on Voyager Rerun (findlayboy@yahoo.com)

1. LIPB - Live In Parent's Basement ("Are you a real geek?" "Yup. LIPB.") (zelig@hoodyhoo.com)

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