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Sci-Fi TV Cancellation 2002 : Sheena, Beastmaster, Earth: Final Conflict, Tracker
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August 01, 2002

Bad news for a lot of sci-fi TV: according to several sources, quite a few syndicated action shows have gotten their punk cards handed to them.

Tracker, Sheena, Beastmaster, and Earth: Final Conflict are not returning with new episodes in the fall. Beastmaster got 2 seasons, which is one more season than Tracker and Sheena, both of which starred people who've had success in syndication before. But you can buy the Tracker season on DVD, their website says. Yep—the whole thing.

Earth: Final Conflict is ending after 4 grueling years. But it's taking the high road by saying that it is choosing to end. Good one.

I'm just stunned at the FOX-level lack of restraint shown by the syndicators. They usually let these things run for 7 or 8 years.

I just have to hope that somebody, somewhere, is cranking out more cheap sci-fi action shows in time for next season. Otherwise, syndicated hours will be crammed full of judges, talk shows, and more judges, and more talk shows. Or commercials for that thing that will suck the air out of a bag. (Or a cat, I bet.) NOW what the hell am I supposed to watch when I'm sitting on my dead ass on Saturday afternoon? Or coming down from my caffeine buzz at 1:30 a.m. Sunday? People, I NEED THESE SHOWS.

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