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Clerks Collector's Edition: Quick and Dirty DVD Review
Reviewed by Joe Hourcle, © 2002

Format: Movie
By:   Kevin Smith (writer, director)
Genre:   Comedy
Review Date:   August 08, 2002

Remember, Joe is reviewing the DVD, not the movie. A DVD of Batman & Robin could get a 10, if the features are cool enough. And A Clockwork Orange could wind up with a 1 if it got no features at all. Got it? Good.

Unfortunately, this time around I haven’t seen the non-collector’s edition, so we’ll have to just assumed it sucked, or they wouldn’t have made a "Collector/Special/Ultimate/Some-Adjective-Here" Edition, right?

Well, first off, there’s your normal stuff, some menus, which were a little lackluster, with no cut scenes. You impatient folks may love that, but, well, I was trying to take my time with it, damnit.

You have your theatrical trailer, some generic-looking scene selection, stuff like that. The commentary with the trailer was a nice, special touch, however, which I for one appreciated, as it showed that the person who put together the DVD wasn’t just some guy getting paid minimum wage to dig through the garbage that was left over after they made the film.

You have a music video from Soul Asylum, which is kinda cool, just so you can see the Quick Stop in color, and see Jason Mewes standing upright, which I’d guess wasn’t the case during the taping of the commentary track.

You also have six deleted scenes, with more commentary, I might add. The actual main commentary is funny in its own right, with the passed-out Jay, and a few other little bits, like the nail painting, Pringles, and such. Although I could sit here and wonder who the hell ‘Malcolm Ingram’ is, I won’t. (Yes, yes, I know about IMDb.) There was, however, one thing that bothered me after listening to the commentary. There were mentions of a scene being cut out which never made it to the ‘deleted scenes’ section. Why is that? I can even let the ‘laser disk’ slip go.

Oh . . . and there’s an alternate ending. Alternate endings bother me when they don’t tell you exactly where it’s supposed to fit. What all was this supposed to replace? Was it just something cut from the end? Why don’t they tell us, damnit? At least we get to laugh at Kevin Smith with a mullet.

There’s also that damned Film Recommendations, which means they give you trailers for movies by the same distributor. Of course, they don’t even give you all of the stuff in the "New Jersey Saga" or whatever crappy name people are calling the run of Kevin Smith movies, as they weren’t even all handled by um . . . I think this was a Miramax movie. Maybe the other ones were. We don’t care about brand name recognition of distributors of movies. Oh, there is a Phantoms trailer, though. And Dusk ‘til Dawn.

This one's definitely in the 6 to 8 range, but I don’t think it has the strength to pull off an 8; then again, I’m afraid of being too hard on it as I’ve seen most of this stuff before, when I first watched the DVD. So I’ll be kind and give it a 7.

—RevSF columnist Joe Hourcle has an alternate ending.

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