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Clerks: The Animated Series Quick and Dirty DVD Review
Reviewed by Joe Hourcle, © 2002

Format: Movie
By:   Kevin Smith (creator)
Genre:   Comedy
Review Date:   August 08, 2002
RevSF Rating:   7/10 (What Is This?)

Remember, Joe is reviewing the DVD, not the movie. A DVD of Batman & Robin could get a 10, if the features are cool enough. And A Clockwork Orange could wind up with a 1 if it got no features at all. Got it? Good.

Someone needs to learn something about user interface, damnit. If you have two items in a menu, and they're different colors, you can't just highlight something by making an item an off color. How the hell are we supposed to tell what's selected?

That said, what I was expecting to be mostly crap on the Clerks: The Animated Series DVD was much better than my expectations. They could have screwed over people who were View Askew obsessors, who just wanted to hear Jeff Anderson talk about kinky sex, and then released the 'special edition' a few months down the road. They didn't. Instead, they actually managed to pack a few features into the two-disk set.

Throughout the whole thing, you can switch back and forth between the animatics (which, I learned, means 'sketches' in that damned movie jargon), and if you hit the 'audio' button, you can get some more barely coherent Jason Mewes. Now, unfortunately, with a cartoon, you can't read lips while watching the commentary, but then again, I can't read lips, so for those of you who haven't figured this trick out—turn on subtitles when listening to the commentaries. It’ll help you follow the current plot.

Anyway, the scene select looks like it's going to be total crap, due to the 'episode 1/2/3' screen. (You couldn't even tell us what the hell episodes they are? When my roommate came home, complaining about having eaten Taco Bell, it took me four guesses [of six episodes] before I could subject him to the 'virus' episode. It might have been five if I hadn't remembered that #4 was the one that aired first during the original television run.)

You also get a trailer made for a film festival, and a little documentary-style thing on developing the look of the characters, which surprised me, as I always thought that the character look was just based on what the lead artist's drawing style was. They stress ‘heavy lines’ a few too many times for my taste. Personally, when I see heavy lines, I think of Hanna Barbera—maybe even Spumco. I don't see it as some great thing, though.

We once again get some sneak peaks of completely unrelated movies. Well, Princess Mononoke is a cartoon, at least, but what the hell's A Hard Day's Night doing on here? And there’s no preview for Mallrats.

The voices in my head have given this a 7. It might have made an 8, but well, those crappy menus just really bug me.

—RevSF columnist Joe Hourcle just likes saying Spumco. Spumco. Spumco! Sssspummmmco!!!

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