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August 08, 2002

RevolutionSF Newsblast Archive Dateline: October 21, 1999

Nobody knows for sure, but rumors are gadding about madly that Glenn Quinn, who plays Doyle, half-demon buddy of Angel, may be off the show because he's unnecessary.

Unnecessary? Hopefully this is not true. Here are the reasons.

1. They need another hot guy.

Angel is cool, but likers of human males need options.

Buffy's strength is the strong supporting cast. There's more than one chicky for the likers of the womens, and more than one interesting looking guy.

2. You can't build a supporting cast with just one supporter.

The show is not Angel and Cordelia: it's just Angel. That means David Boreanaz has his star role, and Doyle and Cordelia are his supporting cast. A supporting cast of one? Even if she ain't hard to look at?

3. Exposition guy.

Doyle tells Angel what he needs to know to get the plot moving. Someone has to do it.

If Doyle is gone, it will have to be Cordelia. I don't watch to see her talk, people!

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