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Subspace: Puddin' and Monkey Butts
Hosted by Peggy Hailey

[Editor's note: Everybody welcome RevolutionSF Books Editor Peggy Hailey, our newest Subspace host! This is her first time out, so play nice. I'll get out the tasers if I have to. -- Shane]

Subject: Puddin' recipe

PUDDIN'! Listen up!

1) Pour a packet of chocolate Jell-O puddin' mix into a bowl.
2) Add 2 cups milk.
3) Mix and refrigerate.

So there's your recipe. :P (User20932057@hotmail.com)

If you're a puddin' ho, jonesing for a fix, I can see going for the instant puddin'. But some of us have moved on to the harder stuff. We prefer our puddin, to quote Southern Culture on the Skids, day old and BOLD, baby, and for that it's gotta be your basic banana puddin'. Mmmmmmm-puddin'!

Subject: Monkeys vs. Dinosaurs

Joe... good lord man, have you renounced your claim to fandom? Monkey vs. dinosaurs movies indeed exist, to wit: KING KONG!!!!

By not pointing this out, you have caused suffering and anguish to your legions of fans!! (Well, if not legions, then perhaps a heavily-damaged platoon.) Shame on you... and yes, King Kong is the greatest thing ever...considering without his Kongness there would be no: 1. Godzilla. 2. Homer Simpson. (Surely you see the similarity??)

Hide your head in a sack, Joe. You're just not hardcore enough anymore. (Recalls the story of the Sleepy Zealot, what the hell was his name?) Um. Nevermind. Joe good. Joe muy bueno. (megatonnage@hotmail.com)

Joe, I would love to leap to your defense here, but megatonnage has a point, to wit: King Kong Vs. Godzilla. Giant lizard and giant monkey in a Loser-Leaves-Town grudge match-it just doesn't get any better than this. But you're still hardcore to me, big guy.

Subject: Comics, Comics, Comics!

Okay, people.

I was just introduced to the most kick-ass comic (after going to the Comic shop with the intention of buying Red Star 1-6, when they only had RS 1/2, 3, 5 and 6) -- one that I was told months back that I needed to read.

This comic, RSFers, is _Transmetropolitan_.

If you haven't picked this up yet, please do so. Additionally, if you haven't picked this up yet, please first go back to the first issues and read forward from there (or, at least). I picked up the second of the graphic novels (Lust for Life) and plowed through it on Saturday.

I'd be happy to do a review for you guys, but first I want to know if You know anything about it? (runewitch@hotmail.com)

runewitch! Good to see you around these parts, darlin'. Me, I've only sampled the riches of Transmetropolitan, but, between you and me, Kenn thinks he IS Spider Jerusalem. You can read some of his thoughts on Warren Ellis here.

Subject: Billy Idol, Gunmen, and The Drab Room

Congrats on your first day in Subspace, Joe. That Billy Idol moment made me tear up. You, dude, are eyes without a face. And I mean that, really I do.

Thanks to the Gunfen who sent a shout out about my article. More power to you: here's to giving TPTB a reality check!

And, last but not least, after reading The Funny List, I ask for a moment of silence as we all contemplate the horror that is The Drab Room. <shudder>

My true terror can only be described in... you guessed it... a sci-ku:

Colder than Krychek
Darker than Thade's hairy butt
Unholy Drab Room


And you rock the cradle of love, ahsturgis. Ummm..or so I imagine, anyway. Ahem. 2 sci-ku for you:

Sinister Drab Room
How best to extol your worth?
Inspiration strikes.

Compose a sci-ku
While avoiding all mention
Of Tim Roth's ape butt

Peggy Hailey is Books Editor for RevolutionSF, and is anybody else getting a little twitchy with all this talk about Tim Roth's butt?

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