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Dinotopia Cancelled: Fossil Fuel To Be Made Out of Reruns
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
December 19, 2002

The Hollywood Reporter says that ABC has dumped "Dinotopia." It only aired a few times after it debuted Thanksgiving week.

Quick! Somebody grab www.savedinotopia.com before the rush! Ratings were quite low, the story said.

Personally, I was watching Must See TV (as instructed by NBC), and taping "WWE Smackdown." My Thursdays are booked solid.

So did anybody out there even see it? You can check out my review here on the site. And you'll just have to take my word for it now. How's that feel? No dissenting opinions from the Peanut Gallery! Whooo! I say I'm right, and nobody else knows any different.

After the Dec. 26 episode, ABC will air a football game on Thursday, and then movies.

And after that, I've written a press release that I think ABC should use:

"We're going to show "Friends" and "Will and Grace." That's right, on ABC! No, we really are! Turn it to our network and see! And if something else is on, just stay on the channel for a few minutes, because we might not have started the tape or something."

It just goes to show you that, no matter how many times they try, there is no room for family-oriented dinosaur-based fantasy on network television.

RevolutionSF News Editor Joe Crowe would have made an "extinct" pun in the headline, but every other news reporting place thought of it first.

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