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Subspace: We Freakin' Love Your Hair
Hosted by Joe Crowe, December 27, 2002

My name is Joe Crowe. Shut up a minute and I’ll answer some letters.

Sorry, my houseboy Lars was jabbering about something.

First up, a letter to us from an anime professional who’s in the Anime Business.

Anime Guy Kevin Pezzano says: "He's the main producer of anime like Gokudo and His and Her Circumstances that I've reviewed on the site. So, naturally, I'm pretty stoked to have gotten this feedback from him!"

Subject: Gokudo

Hi Kevin!

This is Joe DiGiorgi, and I produced the dub of Gokudo. I wanted to thank you for honest and gratifying reviews! As far as the extras, I am so glad you liked them. I would have liked to do more, but time is the problem, and deadlines had to be met. Every part of doing this series with Bill Timoney (I met him doing Lodoss Wars a few years back) and the cast was as much fun as the final version you see on the DVD!

I'd also like you to know that I'm an independent producer / director who does titles for Media Blasters and other companies too. So I must hip you to a series I just completed that should be coming out in a month or two from Right Stuff International called KO Beast Century. It is VERY funny.... and has lots of very funny outtakes. A seven episode series. Keep your eyes peeled!

And there is another show I worked on last year that is about the best dub I have ever done. It is called Boogiepop Phantom from RSI.... and it is NOT funny. It has incredible storylines and music and effects. And there is a 5.1 mix on the DVD as an option. Very "Lain" like. If you haven't seen or heard of it, I encourage you to check it out. I would love for word to get out on this unknown classic.

Subject: Firefly, cancelled.

I was gonna write a whole entire post on this, but I think my feelings can be expressed in two words: "Well, S**T." (megatonnage@hotmail.com)

I took the “H” and the “I” out of that word, but I think I know the word you’re thinking of, and I think many of us second that emotion.

Subject: Animation in general

"Treasure Planet's not going to find a place in the pantheon of Disney perennial favorites, but when the main solar sail is unfurled, it does manage to be the rousing space adventure that Fox's Titan A.E., with its faux MTV-generation attitude, only wished it was."

The difference, of course, being that Disney will always continue to make animation no matter what, and now Fox will never attempt it again. Do none of you realize that we have to sit through some not-quite-excellent efforts in order to get to the good stuff? Am I the only person who wants to see animation that is more sophisticated than Disney but less ridiculous than Asian porn? It's like SF fans can only judge something as good by comparing it to something they didn't like.

This is a capitalist society, you know. You have to choose to support something with money, not words - if "Titan AE" had hit, something good would have come out of it later. Instead, we ruined the career of a great animator, Don Bluth, without whom animation might not even be made anymore. Think about it, folks - capitalism. If you hate the SciFi Channel for canceling "Farscape," then don't watch the SciFi Channel unless it is showing "Farscape."

Let's work together for a change instead of bitching about what we don't like, eh? (samuraifrog@yahoo.com)

Subject: Treasure Planet

from J. Myers: "Treasure Planet's not going to find a place in the pantheon of Disney perennial favorites, but . . .it does manage to be the rousing space adventure that Fox's Titan A.E. . . . only wished it was."

Well at least in "Titan A.E.," they didn't pretend they could breathe in space. You'd think with all the mention they made of artificial gravity, Disney would at least NOD toward artificial atmosphere -- but no. Guess what? The minute that ship took off, everyone's heads would've imploded, because YOU CAN'T BREATHE IN SPACE!!!! It's like Jimmy Neutron all over again! *sob*

Otherwise the movie was quite good (for Disney) and didn't even raise my feminist hackles. And don't we all know how easy they are to raise. Mmmm... swashbuckling. (lightquencher@hotmail.com)

Usually when a movie debate starts, I say nothing, so it may continue without everyone calling it off because I say something ignorant since I haven’t seen the movie.

Subject: Just one thing to say…

UPDATE! (masenko49@yahoo.com)


Subject: Harry Potter Sex Gods

I must disagree, Severus Snape is NOT the sexiest old guy in Harry Potter. Lucius Malfoy is!!!!

I LOVE LUCIUS MALFOY!!! He is such a sexy old guy!!! YAY!!! I FREAKIN' LOVE HIS HAIR!!! Especially when they're in the cabin and his hair is pulled back into the little green bow thing?! Yes? Are you following this? Yes...no? Am I the ONLY one that thinks Lucius is a sexy beast? I LOVE HIM!!! Sigh... Personal Memo: Go see that movie again. (pennyc@ameritech.net)

Subject: HP

Nah, not Snape. Snape played Lazerous and I can't see Lazerous as sexy. Call me pedophilic, but the kid who plays Harry Potter is filking sexy >.

Quick, let’s talk about sports! Even made-up ones are OK.

Subject: Your Chamber of Secrets review

For the record, in the fourth book, J.K. Rowling does indeed write about a Quidditch match that goes on for more than 150 points. The Quidditch world cup ends in a final score of Bulgaria 160, Ireland 170, and Bulgaria's Seeker caught the snitch. The seeker grabbed the snitch when his team was down because with a score of 170-10, you kinda know your team is going to lose, so he chose to end it on his own terms. I agree that the snitch rule is the weakest part of quidditch but I guess this shows that you CAN win games without getting the snitch.

Oh, and the points each Hogwarts quidditch team scores in each match are added to their houses' points total for the Hogwarts House Cup, giving >each team a reason to run the score up as high as possible, snitch or no snitch. (ask170@psu.edu)

I haven’t been this intrigued by a fake sport since I watched football a few weeks ago.

I mean, please! Everybody knows all those players learn how to fall.

Subject: Joe Crowe fan site

Hey, Joe, do you mind if me and Spooty host a Joe Crowe fansite? ..It could be...


Yes? No? We need imput, speak to me! ~FRO!~ (simba209@yahoo.com)

My massive ego says that I am all for it! The only reservation I have is:

Is the focus going to be on the “Joe Crowe fansite” part, or the “hosted by crazy people” part. Because if it’s the latter, it might as well be a fan site about fried okra.

Which I would be happy to endorse, by the way.

Subject: The brak show

listen, its thundercleese not thunderercle or what you put. the three best shows on adult swim are Harvey Birdman, sealab, the brak show, and aqua teen. (gknapp@alpinecoe.k12.ca.us)

I’m pretty sure it’s "Thundercles," like "Hercules," but I am not here to debate spelling of character names.

I am here to suggest that maybe "Thundercleese" is the more fun spelling.

"This is an EX-PARROT ­ because it was EVIL and threatened to DESTROY THE UNIVERSE! Hoo! Ha!"

Subject: Halo, everybody!

It's been a long time, but now that the Sanford & Son theme is back on my answering machine (with my wife's approval, no less!), I had to drop a line.

I've gone and bought an Xbox (thank you, credit card debt!) and Halo (with my wife's eventual approval), and I've been stuck in front of my television ever since. Halo is what everyone claims it to be, so I won't reiterate that here. Go check out Kevin Pezzano's review of the game and the prequel book. They're stellar (the game, the book, and the reviews).

Quick question about the whole crappy sci-fi t.v. show situation: How is it that Joe Blo-, er, Tom Thum-, uh, John Doe (that's it!) is getting renewed for more episodes when I don't even know what day of the week it's on? The only shows worth watching on Fox anymore are Bernie Mac, Cedric the Entertainer and The Simpsons (because you're more likely to see an animated nude Jeri Ryan on The Simpsons than you are to see the real thing on Boston Public, which sucks). While we're talking about quality shows, why doesn't Fox show reruns of Sanford & Son? That'd boost the ratings, guaranteed. What boggles my mind is that Fox doesn't show commercials for J.D. on any of its highest rated shows. Who's running that network now, monkeys?

Speaking of monkeys, read Toyfare for The Monkey Report. I don't write it, but you might enjoy it (probably for that very reason). Likewise, watch Blind Date for two tons of fun every weeknight. Thank God Fox hasn't picked up that show--they'd turn around and use it to meet their cancellation quota. (changer4508@hotmail.com)

Subject: SciFi Channel's Logo

Is it just me or did SciFi find itself a new logo? I kind of like the old-schoolness it radiates. (death_prophet@hotmail.com)

They’ve got a new logo, all right. I like how it says “IF” before it forms the rest of “Sci Fi.”

If they do something good, I have to give them credit. And vice versa.

Here’s 2 letters that dare to dispute our reviews. Oh, the temerity!

Subject: Prey review

I have to say that it sounds like Crichton has hit on a winning formula! Your review and examples of intense similarities between his latest and past creations were dead on, but still Prey flies off the book shelves (in hardcover no less!) at the place where I work. Maybe that's what his fans want? Many famous-types just produce the same things over and over, knowing it's what the fans want and expect from them. Jackie Chan is constantly redefining what the fans want from him, which is why he'll never get to kiss a girl or say the F word.

All in all, if all Crichton's novels are good for is making screenplays out of, more power to him! (mattara@rocketmail.com)

Subject: Buffy 5th Season Review

How could you say Amber Benson (Tara) was a terrible actor?! She's got great chemistry with Allyson Hannigan and the rest of the cast, and she's downright charming. In fact, I can't think of a single bad actor in any season or episode.

Also, I don't find the Buffy vs. Dracula episode to be that much of a throw-away episode. It actually seemed to have a bit of an impact of the rest of the season. Nothing too noticeable, but trust me, it's there. Plus the guy who played Dracula was hella cool. Nothing can stop the evil dark lord!

...Bater. (wolvie110@hotmail.com)

A lot of people are disagreeing with us this week. Honestly, it’s about time you people stood up to us.

Subject: star wars dvd

i was wondering if you can get the hidden dvd features in the episode 2 dvd without a remote. I tried with the control but it didnt work.

thanks, dav. (Ef_ektz05@yahoo.com)

Isn’t that like asking if you can get into the house without using the door? Regardless, Anime Guy Kevin produced the following URL that might help. Or it might not.


Subject: Imperial forces vs. Taliban

Shane, obviously someone at Breaking News has been reading the RevSF Humor section...


(Didn’t leave their e-mail address. Let’s call him or her “Randy.”)

We enjoy linking to stuff here at RevolutionSF if it’s good and funny.

Speaking of that, how about you try the following site, if you’re into that sort of thing:


But be warned: It’s really more about Cthulhu than it is coffee.

Subject: Justice League “Paradise Lost”

In the "Paradise Lost" episode of Justice League, the god involved was Hades, god of the underworld, not Ares, god of war. I checked it on tape just to be sure. (superfangirl@hotmail.com)

I print letters like this to prove three things.

1) I really don’t do any research at all, ever.
2) I have no short-term memory.
3) I have… hey, what is this? What am I typing… aaaah! What are my hands doing on this keyboard?!

RevolutionSF News Editor and Humor Editor Joe CrÖ hey, look. A balloon.

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