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Sci-ku: Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, January 06, 2003

Kirstie Ally, whoa!
Vulcan/Romulan sexy
Why baby-talk films? (superdave@jcom.home.ne.jp)

"I have just hurt you...
And I will keep hurting you..."
That's where Kirk screams "KHAAAAANNN!!" (wolvie110@hotmail.com)

They reached the summit
When they released this movie.
Spock should have stayed dead. (zelig@hoodyhoo.com)

needs... of... the... many...
outweigh... needs... of... few... or... one...
damn... rad... i... a... tion... (baniszew@MIT.EDU)

KHHHHHHAAAAAANNNN! Kirk Screams loudly!
But then he kicks Kahn's ass hard.
Did he need to scream? (see317@attbi.com)

Crap, Botany Bay?
Flying through a nebula
Spock died, that sucks, KHAAAAAAAAAAN! (spazfox@mad.scientist.com)

You can't keep Spock down
Just give him two more movies
For recovery (thumbwarriors@cs.com)

Real life version of
The Kobayashi Maru:
Watching Star Trek 5. (naguscook@aol.com)

Kirstie Alley was
Extremely hot long ago.
Pier One makes me puke. (Dharma.Bum@revolutionsf.com)

Montalban as Khan:
Fine Corinthian leather
Beats James T's waistline (superdave@jcom.home.ne.jp)

A-A-A-A-AAANNN! (death_prophet@hotmail.com)

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