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Transformers Movie : Judd Nelson Waits By The Phone
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
June 19, 2003

Two movie people will try to bring the Transformers to live action. Now if only they can find 670 billion dollars for all the CGI. Judd Nelson is sitting by his phone.

The two responsible parties are Don Murphy (producer of "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen") and Tom DeSanto (writer-producer of "X-Men"). They released this news far, far too early for anything of substance to have been done. Like, say, writing the script. Or even hiring a screenwriter to write it. But hey, first things first.

"The Transformers" is one of the Trinity of 1980s cartoons. Its animated movie from the 1980s is somewhat well-regarded. And it had fun celebrity voices like Judd Nelson, Eric Idle, Leonard Nimoy, and in his last role, the creator of "Citizen Kane," Orson Welles.

Which legend of film's last role before his death will be in this new "Transformers"? Tune in and find out!

Everyone knows "Transformers," the toys that would change from robots to vehicles, of course. Unless you lived in Alabama, where no one likes change. The thing is having a resurgence, with a top-selling comic book from Dreamwave and an absolutely terrible new cartoon series, "Transformers Armada," on Cartoon Network.

Don Murphy told CNN that the movie will focus on the "Generation One" Transformers.

In other words, the ones from the 80s cartoon, not any Transformers since. Which sucks for Al Pacino, who I heard was desperate to try out for Optimus Primal.

I hope they can get Mark Wahlberg to cover "The Touch," from the "Transformers" animated movie, like he did in "Boogie Nights."

So, let's see: A cast of several dozen giant robots. Nothing wrong with that, my friends. But you know who's really going to look like suckers?

Whoever's working on the "Iron Man" movie. If "Transformers" with 30 giant robots gets finished before "Iron Man," which has a grand total of ONE, that's just gonna hurt their feelings.

RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe identifies most with the Autobot "Bumblebee."

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