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Sci-Fi Theorizer: All the Different-Colored Lightsabers
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, August 05, 2003

What's the deal with . . . all the different-colored lightsabers?

10. Ah. You clearly haven't heard of the new iSabers that came out last fall. Available in tangerine, aqua, cherry and death. (thumbwarriors@comcast.net)

9. Lightsabres can be made by burning different elements. Say you want to blind your enemy before lightsabring him/her to death. You request a magnesium-based lightsabre. If you think green is pretty, because I can think of no other reason to use a dull green, request a copper-based lightsabre. If you like blue, or like red, I know there are elements to cover those colours. There is even an element that covers purple. I'm sure midichlorian count affects lightsabre colour, as well. The more good midichlorians you have, the more bluish your lightsabre will be tinted. The eviler your midichlorians, the redder your lightsabre will be tinted. If you have a perfect balance of good and evil midichlorians, then you do not have to worry about the tints when choosing your lightsabre's element. If you are purely good like Luke Skywalker, or purely bad like Anakin "Darth Vader," you can only have either a blue or a red lightsabre, respectively. Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, so we can pretty much choose our own favourite colour.(death_prophet@hotmail.com)

8. They are like a giant mood ring... just in sabre form... Darth Vader wasn't feeling happy that day. (spam01@juno.com)

7. Look, you have the weird little rat-tail, you have the dark dusty looking robes, but what accessory can really show YOUR distinct personality and flair? The color of your saber says a lot about you. Whether you're a serious minded blue or a fun, fashionable, sexy red you can send those signals to whoever is watching you display your prowess at slashing and trashing the opposition. Remember you're not just fighting for survivial out there cutting you opponent in half, you are putting on a show of light and grace. You can never tell WHO'S watching, so put your best foot forward and choose the color says who you ARE inside. (alark2000@yahoo.com)

6. The Jedi Knights and the Sith grew out of competing factions of disco queens, and if they couldn't colour co-ordinate, darling, they'd simply DIE ... (andrew@fidai.clara.net)

5. Hey, I know a bunch of guys that hang around bitching about the government (but not doing anything), sitting in funny bean bag chairs, talking about love and peace and hope. They like having flashie colored lights spinning around too. Think about it. (drobviousso@excite.com)

4. Not only are they lethal weapons...stick em in the freezer for an hour and you have a delicious frozen treat. Each color a different flavor!! mmmmm (scribbler@angelfire.com)

3. Well, who doesn't love a colorful laser show to go along with the Dark Side. Take five or six minutes to think about that one if you gotta. (spazfox@mad.scientist.com)

The Theorizer don't need no education. The Theorizer don't need no thought control.

2. I know I own a different lightsaber for every pair of shoes and handbag. Don't you? (mcgupton@hotmail.com)

1. What are you, racist? (jaguarwongrulz@hotmail.com)

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