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Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor : Running Man
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August 07, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced last night he will run for governor of California!

(Sidebar: I cannot take credit for this headline, as Shane Ivey and another coworker of ours thunk it up last night. If you see it somewhere else, that just means someone is ripping them off.)

Schwarzenegger is the second "Predator" cast member to run, which he now is. But he's also the second cast member of "The Running Man" to do so, since the right honorable Mr. Jesse Ventura was in it, too.

Richard Dawson, the "Family Feud" guy who was in the movie, should run for something. Too bad they got on tape all those times he kissed strange women while playing his "game."

Most politicians show their asses, metaphorically, when they speak or in how they behave. Schwarzenegger shows his real ass in "Terminator 3."

If politicians are so mad about celebrities jumping into their arena, they should act in movies.

Arnold, by taking Maria Shriver as his woman, is married into the Kennedy family, so he's got that going for him politically. This could be the start of a new era in America. Camelot ruled by Conan.

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