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RevolutionSF Newsblast Archives: Wes Craven in the White House
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
October 14, 2003

Newsblast archive date: Feb. 2001

TV Guide Online says horror movie director Wes Craven will make a documentary about Pres. Clinton's last days in office. He spent three hours with Clinton, following him around, filming him in the Oval Office.

Craven really said, "I was thinking, 'Here I am. I've made some of the most horrific films, and now I'm in the White House. Someone said I should have brought a Scream mask and have someone jump out in it, but that would have been the last time we would have been invited over."

At least it would have given the Secret Service something to do. They're nowhere near as busy, now that they don't have to kill all the President's mistresses.

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