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Golden Globe Awards 2004: Up Yours, Cold Mountain!
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
January 26, 2004

"Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" was not screwed, and in fact won 4 awards at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Golden Globe ceremony.

The movie won the big award, best drama, Peter Jackson won best director, composer Howard Shore won for best score, and Annie Lennox won for best song.

It beat out top contenders including "Cold Mountain," which did not have talking trees (unless you count the acting ability of Jude Law.)

Most movies that the Geek Nation enjoys are never nominated for anything. So it's refreshing that Jackson and the others were given these awards. One shouldn't like a movie any more or less based on how many awards it wins, but it's nice for something we like to win one. Four is good, too.

Of course, none of this means that bitter ol' Grandpappy Oscar will give up an award to "King."

And that's going to be irritating; but for now, let us revel.

In other news of interest, Bill Murray won best comedy actor for "Lost in Translation." The man has been snubbed since "Caddyshack," people!

The Globes told the Emmy Awards to cram it also, as they awarded shows that are actually good -- "24" and "The Office" -- instead of the shows Emmy always lavishes, "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "West Wing."

RevolutionSF apologizes to the staff of "Cold Mountain" for news editor Joe Crowe's insensitive comments. He's just jealous that he can't make paint-by-numbers melodrama as adequately as them.

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