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Oscar Predictions 2003: RevolutionSF Edition
© RevolutionSF Staff
February 28, 2004

The RevolutionSF staff proudly (or cynically, in some cases) present their predictions for this year's Oscar winners. These aren't the films and performers we want to win. They're not even the ones we think should win. These are the nominees we think will take home the little statue, deserving or not. Got your own guesses or gripes? Let us know at subspace@revolutionsf.com! For the full list of nominees and film synopses, see www.oscars.org.

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Best Actor

Bill Murray Robert Mansperger, art director

Best Supp. Actor

Ken Watanabe Mark Finn, games editor

Best Actress

Charlize Theron Jayme Blaschke, fiction editor

Best Supp. Actress

Renee Zelwegger Joe Crowe, news editor

Animated Feature Film

Finding Nemo Jason Myers, movies editor

Art Direction

Return of the King Peggy Hailey, books editor


Master & Commander The RevolutionSF Staff

Costume Design

Last Samurai


Return of the King

Documentary Feature

Capturing the Fridemans

Documentary Short

Ferry Tales

Film Editing

Return of the King

Foreign Lang. Film

Twilight Samurai


Return of the King

Music, Score

Return of the King

Music, Song

Return of the King

Best Picture

Return of the King

Short, Animated


Short, Live Action

Two Soldiers

Sound Editing

Pirates of the Carribean

Sound Mixing

Return of the King

Visual Effects

Return of the King

Screenplay, Adapted

Return of the King

Screenplay, Original

Lost in Translation


What does it matter, anyway? It's all a big Hail Mary. Let's try to pick the winners, not for any other reason than it's just as good a system. I think Lord of the Rings will get it after being snubbed for two years. —Mark Finn, games editor

There is no way Return of the King will win Best Picture. Genre flicks never, ever, everwin. It's rare enough that they are nominated, but they never, ever, ever win. The Oscar voters for some reason don't think a movie is "deserving" unless it could actually happen in real life: someone dies, cries, or is retarded. Preferably all three. —Joe Crowe, news editor

I'll just pretend to believe that my favorites will actually win. I scoff at the Oscars, so the only handicapping I'm willing to do is that which involves actually physically handicapping the voters. In particular I'd like to put in wheelchairs the people who virtually ignored Moulin Rouge, then, last year, decided that musicals are in and handed out best picture to Chicago, which was as flashy and twice as shallow as any Bruckheimer movie ever made. —Jason Myers, movies editor

Continued . . .

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