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Joss Whedon, Bryan Singer Get More Work (Jeez, Take a Break, Guys)
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March 08, 2004

Joss Whedon and Bryan Singer have just signed up for more work. Jeez Louise, take a break, fellas.

Their careers seem to parallel each other lately.

Or maybe I'm just lazy and I can't be bothered to do 2 news stories.

Whedon's cancelled "Firefly" TV series was potentially a feature film, in that Whedon was working on a screenplay. But now it will actually be one, really and for true. Or so says Universal, which is a real movie-making studio.

The movie will be called "Serenity," after the ship the people flew in. I'm not sure why the change; maybe because the name "Firefly" is tainted by Fox's cancellation.

But "Serenity" is soothing. Like a warm bath. I like that in my spaceship-and-explosions movies.

Meanwhile, Singer is working on a remake of "Logan's Run." It's a 1976 SF movie where in the future, when you turn 30, you are "renewed," and by that, I mean "killed."

Which is just like today -- if by "killed," you mean "females below age 25 stop talking to you."

In that movie, Michael York plays Logan, who turns 30. York looked about 50.

In the film, they'll use the original age from William Nolan's "Logan" novels, 21. That's a relief for all young Hollywood actors, since roles for young handsome men just don't come along every day.

The press release for "Serenity" named all the actors from the show as returning, but didn't mention Alan Tudyk (Wash) or Ron Glass (Book.)

Tudyk is working on "I, Robot" with the Fresh Prince. Where's Ron Glass? Doing commentary on "Barney Miller" DVDs? A long fishing weekend with Wojo?

The Barney Miller references will continue until morale improves.

RevolutionSF news editor and humor editor Joe Crowe's lifesign turned black. Run, you old fart! Run!

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