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NBC Buys Sci Fi Channel; Geek Hope Arises
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
May 16, 2004

NBC has made final its merger with Universal, which they are buying from Vivendi, a conglomerate which included a French water utility.

But the reason I mention it is that the merger includes the Sci Fi Channel

and the Universal Studios theme parks.

(Also the USA network, but they don't show "Duckman" anymore, so I don't watch.)

What this could mean is the benefit of the Sci Fi Channel actually being owned by someone else in the entertainment business. While the merger talks were ongoing, I recall the head of Vivendi actually saying they didn't know anything about television.

Here's a Vivendi story from several years ago at DragonCon, when I saw Richard Hatch, way before the name Richard Hatch meant a naked man on "Survivor."

Hatch showed his self-financed "Battlestar Galactica" trailer, then talked about being

in talks with the Sci Fi Channel.

One of the punchlines to his speech was that a French company had bought Sci Fi, and that "Battlestar is huge in France!"

Everything appears to be status quo under the new management. Sci Fi, to its

credit, has gotten a bit better about spending money on actual sci-fi, "Mad Mad House" notwithstanding.

My perhaps-naive hope is that even better stuff will come from the synergy of working with a company that is also in the show business.

On the other hand, the biggest contribution NBC has made to science fiction

in recent years is "ALF," "Misfits of Science," and "Third Rock From The Sun."

News editor Joe Crowe was also bought out by NBC, if his constant quoting of Friends in between gasping sobs is any indication.

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