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Blair Witch Project 3 Will Be Very, Very Sorry
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© Joe Crowe

Ed Sanchez, co-director of Blair Witch Project reports to E Online columnist Anderson Jones that he and partner Dan Myrick are ready to do Blair Witch 3. It'll be a prequel.

They're going to go to Sanchez' property in rural West Virginia and "spend a lot of time in the woods at night and soak in the atmosphere and hopefully get some of that old Blair Witch juice flowing again. We hope to scare the [poopie-doop] out of each other like we did when we came up with the original."

Well, it worked on me. I was scared by The Blair Witch Project. Which forced many a person to call me a female body part.

Yep: they called me a breast.

News editor Joe Crowe would rather not have any Blair Witch juice flowing.

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