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Scientific Fact: Kids Today Are Stupid and Mean
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe

England's Observer reports from a study that shows that the era of computer games has caused a generation of kids to be stunted and prone to violence.

At Tohoku University in Japan, they compared the brain activity of a kid playing a video game with one doing a simple mathematic exercise. Only the mathematic exercise was stimulating both the left and right sides of the brain, and the frontal lobe, which helps control behavior, wasn't being developed either.

"The importance of this discovery cannot be underestimated," said the head research guy. Which, by the way, every scientist says in every science story. He says that "students will be doing more and more bad things if they are playing games and not doing other things like reading aloud or learning arithmetic." Who the f*** does this f*** think he is? I'll beat the s*** out of him.  

Of course, everyone knows role-playing games don't have the same effect as computer games. In fact, the difficulty of role-playing games will prepare you for physics or engineering degrees. If you want to go out and get the degrees, that is, and you aren't afraid someone will Backstab your guy while you're gone.

In response, children throughout the world stopped having fun and started doing repetitive math.
Joe Crowe is News Editor for RevolutionSF. Lucky for us, he's smart and nice. Shut up, you in the back!

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