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Stan Lee Lawsuit : Friendly Neighborhood Partial Summary Judgment Motion Decision
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
January 23, 2005

Among many lawsuits Marvel Comics appears to be engaged in at the moment, it seemed that the goofiest one was against its own founding father, Stan Lee.

He says they promised him 10 percent of profits from Marvel movies and merchandise. For those among you who are math-impaired, if you have 10 apples as your gross profit, that means Marvel owes Stan a net summary judgment of one apple.

Of course, at the time of the contract, the only Marvel movie had been "Howard the Duck," so big deal, they must have thought. Cut Stan a check for 20 bucks and we're done.

But then, Marvel movies started making money. And now the judge says, give Stan some of what they've made since 1998. Which is a lot. Spider-Man 1 and 2 alone have made $900 million.

Of course Marvel is appealing the suit. Meanwhile, Stan's company POW! Entertainment has done up a business deal to offer 3-D superhero characters on wireless gadgets. Of course, what the gushing press release neglects to mention is that he hasn't created any yet.

But hey, never let that stop the march of "streaming broadband content."

RevolutionSF financial editor Joe Crowe puts the gross in gross profit participation.

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