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Sci-Fi Theorizer: Batman Telling His Secret Identity
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, July 21, 2005

What's the deal with . . . Batman telling his secret identity to everyone he knows in Batman Begins?

5. It's the only way he knows to keep his friends from deleting messages from his Batman email without reading them first. PS - His address is imbatmanbutnotthemichaelkeatononeeveryoneenjoyedinthe80s@yahoo.com (bblatt11@aol.com)

4. It's a plea for disassociation. "See, I'd never show nip and wish Tim Burton on you, good citizen. I'm Batman.... no really. I promise." (hutsonprice@aol.com)

3. In Batman Begins, we see Bruce Wayne establishing his core group of supporters, who by necessity must share in his secret: Alfred, who shares his home and serves as his conscience and Lucius, who runs Wayne Enterprises and provides Batman with all his technical doodads. These two men provide vital assistance that allows Mr. Wayne to wage war on crime and is an integral part of the story of Batman.

Anyone else he reveals it to he's just trying to get freaky with. (mattara@rocketmail.com)

2. Hollywood being what it is, they shortened the original script title of the movie, which was, "Batman Begins Shooting His Mouth Off About His Secret Identity Because He Knows He's Badass Enough Not To Hide Behind It." (ad@wordpr.com)

1. Variety. This way he gets both the fetish-bunnies AND the gold-diggers. (andrew.dennis@cpadsl.co.uk)

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