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Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
Reviewed by Shane Ivey, © 2005

Format: Movie
By:   Disney
Genre:   Kids' Sci-Fi Comedy
Released:   August 30, 2005
Review Date:   September 20, 2005
Audience Rating:   Rated G
RevSF Rating:   4/10 (What Is This?)

Disney continues to explore the wonders of cross-channel marketing with a second sequel to 2003's Lilo and Stitch, the movie about a cute little blue alien that moves in with a little Hawaiian girl and her big sister. The alien, nicknamed Stitch, is the product of a genetic experiment by an alien mad scientist, and a troop of aliens and Earthling G-men are after the little guy. But Stitch is amazingly strong and quick, and just so cute and furry that the kids HAVE TO HAVE the stuffed toys after seeing him in action, so you can figure everything will work out all right and he'll stay with Lilo and sister Nani in the end.

Lilo and Stitch spawned a sequel on DVD, Stitch! The Movie, which spun off a popular TV series, where more cute little alien experiments land on Earth and Lilo and Stitch set out to find them before they can cause or suffer any harm. Stitch Has a Glitch actually takes place before all that — between the original movie and the first sequel — as Stitch (and the other aliens who have become friends with Lilo and moved in) are still learning about his true nature. Something causes Stitch to go a crazy for a few minutes at a time, and during these little episodes he smashes things up like the alien menace he was meant to be. Can the spirit of family, friendship, and Elvis songs bring him back to his somewhat less destructive self?

If you're over six years old, it's very hard to care. OF COURSE they'll figure out a way to make Stitch nice again, and even with all the scenes of Stitch feeling guilty and Lilo badmouthing him for misbehaving there's no real sense of suspense. Stitch smashes things up and terrorizes overweight beachgoers, Pleakley wears dresses, none of the humans notice that Nani and Lilo's roommates have too many eyes and tongues, and Lilo tries hard to win a hula competition just like her (deceased) mom did at her age.

It's basically an episode of the Disney Channel series, in other words, but three times as long and $30 more expensive.

For the most part the same voice cast is back. There's Tia Carrere as Nani, David Ogden Stiers as big alien Russian evil genius Jumba, Kevin McDonald — who has never been anything but funny — as gangly cross-dressing alien Pleakley, Ving Rhames as sinister man-in-black Cobra Bubbles, and Kevin Michael Richardson as shark-headed alien bad-ass and comic relief Gantu. Chris Sanders, who created the whole thing, is back as the voice of Stitch even though the writing falls to directors Michael LaBash and Anthony Leondis.

The most interesting casting change, though, is Lilo. The human star of the show is voiced not by Daveigh Chase (of the original movie, the first sequel and the series), but by Hollywood favorite and Entertainment Weekly poster child Dakota Fanning. She does a fine job and unless you're a real Lilo aficionado the difference isn't jarring. Unfortunately, though, this is a cartoon so you don't see her big blue eyes turn all weepy, and where's the fun in that?

If you have kids who love the earlier Lilo and Stitch installments and are small enough to be thrilled by the blue guy's dilemma, give Lilo and Stitch 2 a rental. But it's not worth buying when the movies and series are on TV every single day.

Stitch lamp, Stitch plush toy, Stitch costume and mask, Stitch action figures, Stitch prizes from McDonald's, Stitch impersonations over the dinner table. . . . RevolutionSF editor Shane Ivey's family has heard the call of the Blue One, my friends. Heard it and despaired.

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