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Subspace: TENTACLES!
Hosted by Joe Crowe, September 29, 2005

Hi everyone, I’m Joe Crowe, the guy who put the “slert” back in “letters.”

By the way, you people are joining our newsletter AND the message board, I presume. Because, you know, free sci-fi-ish prizes.

Here’s a link you have to see.


Jayme Blaschke says: I am agog.

Back to Joe: TENTACLES!

And now, your letters.

Subject: Broken review

Wow! Mr. Martin was real honest with his opinion. I just wish he was a bit more constructive rather than vicious. We did the best we could with what we had. BTW, could you please fix the link, in the review, to our homepage: www.whatisbroken.com

That's all we ask. All the best and good luck with all your future projects.

Movies editor Jason Myers says: The link was BROKEN. Ah, the wacky two-fisted synchronicitous irony!

Subject: Broken

"BROKEN is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques. The film is effective and professional and the ominous sound track works with the images to create the desired effect. Looking forward to “BROKEN: The Feature." — Roger Ebert (Film Critic Chicago SunTimes/Ebert & Ropper) (indiefilm)

Jason again: Dear Ebert-approved filmmakers: I know reviewer Martin Thomas's address, and you can know it too, if the price is right.

Subject: Dark Angel Season 2


I like a letter that gets right to the point.

Subject: He Sells Sanctuary

Joe-- you're quite right that Rockne "Farscape" O'Bannon's "Cult" show would be cooler if it was about the rock group "the Cult." But it would be *even cooler* if the band members were played by MUPPETS. Now THAT would rock. Or... maybe not. (waiting for Muppets to start turning up on Stargate SG-1) (Humor editor-- you're to bla-ame-- humor editor you're to blaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaa-aaaaaaaaame!) (Van)

Well, everything else that was on Farscape has turned up there.

Except good writing.

Subject: Boone: Why I Cared

Thanks Mr (?) Shane Ivey. Thanks for this tribute to Boone.

I believe you are a men. I'm a French woman (no, not Danielle).I thought only girls cared the tragic and rather unfair death of Boone.

I could feel his pain too. Beaten, used and deceived and forgotten by those he loved. Fans and reviewers just stopped to the "step-incest" thing to scream "It's wrong!" without paying attention to the deepness and complexity of his love-hate for Shannon. He was the weakest character (so, should he died?), but also one of the most human and intense. (Lydia@.fr)

Shane says: Thank you. After all this time, FINALLY a French woman acknowledges that I'm a man.

Back to Joe: That’s the kind of letter the rest of the RevSF staff gets. Shane gets a letter from a French woman. But here is a sterling example of the kind of letters that are sent to me, Joe Crowe.

Subject: Highlander the Source bashing

[Filk] off you are mad because not only are you not goodloking, but you are a [sexual preference insult redacted] and adrian doesnt want you.

I am indeed jealous of Adrian Paul’s triple-mullet length horse-tail-like hair. And the fact that Adrian doesn’t want me? Want me for what?

Subject: Lost DVD review

First off, I wanna say that I'm a big fan of Lost, and that it's one of the better series debut last season (The best goes to Veronica Mars). It's got great evolving 3 dimensional characters, fantastic storytelling and it's big with the suspense. So, all in all, I was happy with the series and I was immediately interested in reading what you thought of the series.

All in all, I thought you did a good job reviewing the series, but I had one problem with the part.

"Truthfully, by the time you finish watching the entire season most of these questions are answered . . . but several new ones pop up in their place"

What the ... they were? We still don't know where the island was, nor what brought them there. We don't know what the monster is, except it's some sort of "security system". In fact, we don't really know that much more in the season finale from the first episode. Lost has one of the most frustrating season enders, more so because of all the suspense building over the season. I understand not wanting to give everything away, but the fact that nothing was really answered is ridiculous. (nick seng)

I’m with you there. We got gypped in the season finale. Now, I’m all for boat-ridin’ hillbillies, but let’s be fair.

I’m just glad it’s back on, so I can be confused further. They did finally answer something in the first episode last week, and it was not exactly what I expected. That is good. But what I anticipate that, based on what was in the hatch, that this season they will discover where they are — that they traveled through time and are back in the 1960s. On an island filled with beatniks.

Subject: Something Positive

Just to pass on: the current story arc in the Webcomic "Something Positive" is being written by former "RevSF" writer Paul Riddell. Specifically, check here for the first installment. Pass it on.

Always nice to see our people bettering themselves. Next step: The GED.

Subject: Frankenstein TV movie

Tell me why USA and John Shiban aren't being sued for plagiarism, PLEASE. This story is Dean Koontz's FRANKENSTEIN. I have read Books 1 and 2, Book 3 is forthcoming, I'm told.

I did a little bit of so-called research, and it turns out that Koontz DID know about this. He’s credited as “concept by” and he was executive producer. But they didn’t call it Dean Koontz’ Frankenstein, which sorta makes me wonder: Did he not dig it, or was he too busy writing 78 novels to let them know to stick his name on it?

Subject: Watchmen movie

C'mon, Joe. Given the huge acreage of material that would have to be cut to make Watchmen fit into a feature-length film, is it really such a hot idea to make one? And let's not forget the other BIG reason not to revisit it (and NOBODY EVER wants to talk about this): Alan Moore (not to mention others of his political persuasion) was COMPLETELY and TOTALLY 100% WRONG about the Cold War. The entire geopolitical situation portrayed in the book was intended to be a stab at Ronald Reagan; unfortunately for Moore, the belief that the Cold War was "unwinnable" has ended up being completely discredited by the last 20 years of world history. Watchmen is still a great book, but history has, in many respects, robbed it of its impact. (gbeenie)

I’m just afraid they’d skip the whole Vietnam thing and make it more modern-day. But then what would prove that Dr. Manhattan had super-powers? Preventing the dot-com bust? Ah . . . a world without the dot-com bust . . . I’d be writing this letters column while seated on my gold-encrusted toilet.

Subject: Supergirl

Peter David was on the verge of revitalizing the Supergirl comic with his "Many Happy Returns" storyline. But his run was stopped short, apparently so they could introduce a "new" Supergirl, Cir-El. Cir-El went over like a Kryptonite brick. I didn't have any problem with the character, but she just wasn't up to taking the SG mantle. (Did they ever wrap up her storyline?)

Now we have another version of Supergirl. *sigh* Is this #4 or #5? After only two issues of the regular series I probably should withhold judgment, but I'm not impressed. Loeb seems to be on a "Supergirl can beat-up anybody" rip. His Kara is obnoxious and slightly scary, like Britney Spears.

Is anybody left at DC who *gets* Supergirl? Perhaps that isn't the most important question in comics today, but SG comics were some of the earliest I remember reading, and the character means something to me. (tinrat07)

Pardon my Comic-ese:

They did wrap up Cir-El’s storyline, which I found tedious in the first place, because Jeph Loeb had a new Supergirl on the way. As for “getting” Supergirl, I don’t think there’s ever been anything to get, because she’s been written differently in every title she’s ever appeared in. So in that regard, if you don’t like the way this one is being done, just wait a year.

Or look no further than the Justice League Unlimited cartoon, where Supergirl is done perfectly. She met the Warlord last week. (The Warlord!)

Subject: The Island smack-talking

I came with two different drinking games for "The Island." (alas, I couldn't get anyone to play them at Dragon*Con, as they both entail watching the movie)

The first is the Product Placement game. As the clones relax in their custom Pumas (to the outside world, the clones aren't supposed to be "real" people; didn't the manufacturer wonder why they got an order for a couple thousand custom-made shoes?) and drinking their Aquafina, there is ample opportunity to become well and truly hammered.

The second is more esoteric and, to me at least, potentially more fun: the Holy Shit, It's a Michael Bay Movie game. In this game, whenever there's a stupid rail death (poor Steve Buscemi!), bad PG-13 sex (how DARE you taunt me for an hour-and-a-half with the promise of Scarlett Johansson's breasts and then not deliver? Bastard!) or aircraft that continue to fly after being sheared in half, it's time to raise your glass in that most time-honored toast: "Holy shit! It's a Michael Bay movie!"

Important Safety Note: It is imperative that you do not attempt play both of these games at once, as fatal alcohol poisoning is almost certain to result. (gbeenie)

I’m tortured about that Scarlet Johansson thing, and I didn’t even see the movie!

And if you play the game in the theater with popcorn, your hands turn urine yellow.

Humor editor Joe Crowe taunted me once for an hour and a half with the promise of Scarlet Johansson’s breasts. Once.

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