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Batman Sucks/Rocks
© RevolutionSF Staff
October 27, 2005

Now we can all relax. After the Schumacherian era of Bat-films, Bat-fans everywhere developed a nervous twitch any time anyone mentioned new Bat-movies. But it turns out that Batman Begins didn't make us hurt. So let us revel.

The entire run of Batman: The Animated Series is on DVD to provide us with hours of the pure, uncut Bat-tertainment. So let us rejoice.

But let us never forget.

The 1960s Batman TV series produced a theatrical movie, and so did the animated series. (This feature covers the long-form theatrical movies based on each series. But don't fret; those movies contained the same joys and heartbreaks that their respective series did, so we'll mention them here.)

It is the perfect Bat-time to celebrate all things Gothamy. In many ways, the Bat-experience has been captured by the movie and cartoon makers. But at the same Bat-time, things about them Schumachered — excuse me — I mean, sucked.

We've put together a sampler of the things that rocked and didn't in the Bat-films. See if you can think of more, chum.

— Joe Crowe, Editor, RevolutionSF

Continued . . .

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