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Sci-ku: Werewolves
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe, December 01, 2005

Werewolf goes cruising
Date has a little secret
Clap for the wolfman (dchilders)

Howling at the moon
I feel my power rising
(HACK HACK) Damn hairballs! (lightningbolt)

Beware the full moon
Fangs growing from your muzzle
Norelco be damned (spazfox)

Ah, the pretty moon
Erg, arg, woof-woof, crunch, crunch, gulp
Why am I naked? (ads@ wordpr)

They are like vampires,
But hairy, with guilt complex.
(And transform sans shorts!) (rtjhnsn)

Boycott Underworld
offend easily (gbeenie)

Full moons make me sweat.
Waking up naked is bad.
The milkbones are nice. (bradnwest)

Hair grows all over
Savage fantasies drive you...
Wait! That's puberty. (mattara)

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