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Subspace: The BOMB!!!
Hosted by Joe Crowe, July 31, 2006

So I've just spent the better part of an hour convincing my five-year-old nephew that, in fact, Spider-Man is not a "poo-poo head." Let's answer some letters!

Subject: Eureka

Eureka, Sci-Fi's latest series, is the BOMB!!! This show has it all!! Humor!! Beautiful women!! An Everyman leading man!!! Enough hard science to be interesting and believable, enough whimsy to allow natural humor and zany personalities to be explored.

The leading man, Colin Ferguson, someone I'd never heard of, was hilarious in a snarky way, was dynamic and heroic when in a pinch, and made a very believable father to an out-of-control daughter. A take-charge, laid-back Federal Marshal. With a teenaged girl that has him wrapped around her little finger...until he shouldn't be. I really don't know whether to credit the writers or the actor for Marshal Jack Carter, (probably a combination thereof). But this is a hero to tune into.

Salli Richardson: Beautiful woman #1, Department of Defense liaison Allison Blake to this community of geniuses, almost manages as great a balancing act as Ferguson does. She's hot. She's as much in charge as anyone else there, and at ease with it, a loving mom, and a potential love interest to the marshal without falling for him the second she sees him.

Debrah Farentino: This show's answer to 7 of 9....well, without spoilers, I like what they are doing here. The President is a client... er...guest??

Erica Cerra: Hot girl #3, might be the weak link to this ensemble cast. Her character, Deputy Jo Lupo, is the most one-dimensional...the Tough-guy Chick. Cerra did a lot with what she had to work with, she had the stereotype down cold, (putting guns together blindfolded, taking out Special Forces Specialists without breathing hard, and wearing white muscle shirts, and making us like it) and was relatively believable, and her bonding with the marshal's daughter was enjoyable despite being predictable. If the writers can make the character grow, and become as interesting as the other main characters, wowsa.

Jordon Hinson: The marshal's daughter, is the other one-dimensional character on the show. The Spoiled Brat. Hinson and Ferguson play well off each other, she's a cute teenager, perfect sci-fi character. I've got a feeling this character is going to go nowhere but downhill.

Joe Morton, my MacGyver Award winner, will make an able sidekick/best friend to the Marshal. Very enjoyable man, and character, has some room to grow, but probably won't, and that'll be fine.

And Matt Frewer, my Picket Fences award winner, was SO enjoyable as the Crocodile Hunter wannabe, his comments on tracking the local stray dog had me howling. Again, do we thank the writers, or the actor, and again, probably a combination of the two, but bravo, indeed!!

All in all, I am looking forward to watching this series, even feeling <gasp> anticipation!!! This show is fun...this show in entertaining (not necessarily the same thing), and I LIKE the people I'm watching. This, my friends, is good television. (wtsackett)

I really think you just need to give it a chance.

Subject: Eureka

Sure, Matt Frewer's character doesn't say "Crikey!"

*Yet.* When he does, I'll see to it that all fingers are pointing at you. And you'll be forced to hand over all the Salli-signed merchandise you've acquired. Including the string bikini she wore in the unaired pilot... (truthseeker)

I've taken the blame for a lot of things, but the behavior of a Matt Frewer character is where I draw the line. It all started back in the 1980s when my mother said Max Headroom stuttered because I made him nervous.

Subject: Eureka? I don't even know her

Eureka looks like a great drinking show. Insult to the intelligence? Take a shot. Ridiculously cliched character or relationship? Take a shot. Character who has a quirk instead of a properly-written personality? Take a shot. Joke that's not nearly as fun as the writers think? Take a shot.

I was willing to overlook a lot of ludicrously implausible things in this show -- a US marshal fetching his own daughter, tetrahedral bubbles, four clones playing chess -- but I passed my limit when they asked us to believe that not one, but two, people in Eureka ride Segways. Please, let's try to keep this at least remotely close to plausible. (carl zetie)

Amen, brother! Take that, Segway!

Subject: Star Trek cartoons

Actually, Joe, TV Land broadcast the animated Star Trek as the final show (at 12:30, if I remember) in their "Super-Retro-Vision Saturdays" lineup that ran in the late nineties every Saturday morning. I don't remember their exact schedule, but there was some Krofft stuff in the block, and the show before Star Trek was The Brady Kids (eek!). (gbeenie)

Oh, like I was awake at 12:30 a.m. on Saturdays during the 1990s. It's called "grad school."

Subject: Star Trek cartoons

I was like 8 or 10 (definitely not 9) when I was watching the Trek cartoons. I think I remember every one of them. Talk about great cartoons....REAL Trek, IMHO. I told wifey if I get only one thing for Xmas this year.

A couple of nits....I have 4 or 5 VHS tapes (not bootlegs, officially distributed VHS tapes). So they have been released. And hasn't the cartoons been shown on Cartoon Network?? I haven't seen them, but a buddy of mine said he did (this was a couple of years ago.) So they have been rebroadcast.

There, my job as High Kibitzer is done; all trivial points have been addressed. I will sleep well tonight. (wtsackett)

"A buddy of mine"?

Tell your buddy that his "I think I saw something a few years ago" attitude is going to get him in big trouble with Mr. Joe Crowe.


The San Diego Comicon is going on as I type this and will be over when you read it. Send us pictures. Tell us what you thunk!

The Transformers Movie

Shows the Sci-Fi Channel Needs to Bring Back

Subject: Stargate SG-1

Ten years and running, and suddenly I have a reason to watch SG-1: Claudia Black. Now if only we could save Papa Crichton from scripts that absolutely wasted his acting talent. (ilyapopov)

Who needs acting when he can walk through CGI space warps convincingly. You WALK through those Stargates, brother!

Subject: Charmed

Enough with the goddamn puns and attempts at reference "humor." (samuraifrog)

I think your first mistake was reading the article. Look at the picture of Alyssa Milano again.

It's a monkey, and it's playing Ms. Pac-Man. It's a monkey playing Ms. Pac-Man!

Now get back to not working.

Subject: The Omen

From a review I was given of the movie by my brother, you're being overly generous with a 6/10 rating. I passed on it myself because the kid playing Damien looked as though he was thinking throughout, "When's lunch?" (truthseeker013)

He was. It's called method acting. Kids who don't get their peanut butter and jellies at the right time, they'll bite your arm right off. Trust me on this one.

Subject: Cars

Amazing! When I saw "Cars" in the theater, I was blown away (and I *hate* NASCAR, rednecks, and all things connected with the collision (pun intended) of the two.)

But "Cars" is about much more than that, it works for both children and adults, it looks absolutely *amazing* on big screen, the character voices are perfectly chosen, and... Oh, yeah. It's got a vaguely conservative, moralistic basis to its storyline. Gosh, what a shame.

When I saw this movie, I told my wife: "You know who's going to hate this movie? Either clueless fanboys (& girls) who are ready for Pixar to fall on its highly-polished ass, or some liberal jerk who can't separate his personal, judgmental biases from the movie playing out before him." (Well, not in so many words, but I told her the gist of that, anyway...)

It's a brilliant movie, it advances the art of CG animation by leaps and bounds, and it manages to do the unheard of -- last over two hours (expensive hours, I might add) and keep the audience entranced. Maybe even squeeze a tear or two out in the process.

Cripes, let Joe Crowe or somebody with a sense of friggin' humor give this movie an 'equal time' review. This movie deserves some respect, Revvies. (mtrimm)

Hey, thanks, I . . . wait. Joe Crowe OR somebody with a sense of friggin' humor?!

Subject: Captain America (1991)

Five out of ten. You're too kind. No, really. (truthseeker)

Hey, I'm not the one that glued on his fake ears. That's what earned it the points.

And speaking of that, go here to discuss.

Subject: Stoner

I doubt this will be any better than the comic book "Major Bummer" which had basically the same premise. (mntlward)

Or it'll spark a renaissance in slacker-related superhero fiction, and the value of old copies of Major Bummer will skyrocket to up to like 9 cents.

Subject: Pirates of the Caribbean 2


No matter, because if you cut me, I bleed "The Spanish Main" and "Blackbeard" and a few thousand other pirate flicks. And thanks for letting me know that I wasn't the ONLY person who sat through Polanski. (truthseeker)

There are a few thousand other pirate flicks? I don't think everything with the word "Yo" and "Ho" in the title counts.

Subject: Swamp Thing lovin'

Oh, Joe Crowe, I did get to see Swamp Thing in 1982, at the (not so) tender age of 13 (hey, I'd discovered dad's Playboys a year before). After NOT getting to see Maggie's low-low-cut dress come off in Escape from New York, Swamp Thing was fine compensation.

The Swampy DVD recall just certifies the old saw that Americans are stingier with their sex than any other country in the world. Ironic our porn industry is so successful, isn't it? (changer4508)

Indeed. In the original movie, the orange-maned monkey-pig thing was naked, but Adrienne Barbeau was not.

As for America's porn industry, porn is like peanut butter. I don't know why it exists, but on occasion, I'm glad that it does. Let's not look our porno horse in the mouth.

Joe Crowe does the unheard of — manages to last over two hours (expensive hours I might add.)

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