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Eureka, Who Wants To Be A Superhero Renewed: There Must Be Some Mistake
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© Joe Crowe
October 06, 2006

Sci Fi is renewing two of their shows. That has to be a typo. Surely they meant cancelling. Let me check.

Nope. Renewing. Wow! The two lucky victims are Eureka, and Who Wants To Be A Superhero. Eureka hasn't gotten through with its first season yet, but it's doing pretty well in the so-called ratings, so there you go. Is this the first time Matt Frewer has been on a show that has a second season?

Eureka's doing slightly better than ECW, Sci Fi's number 2 show, which does have a vampire on it in case you think there's no genre content, has already been renewed through 2007. Ain't TV fun?

A new season of Who Wants To Be A Superhero will contain more verbose vicariousness from Stan "The Man" Lee. But no more Cell Phone Girl, which is a shame, because she is right behind Rorschach and Dr. Manhattan among superheroes with me.

I'm still looking forward to Feedback's movie. Does he get to play himself? Or will Casper Van Dien do it? I say they just get the whole cast to be in it. But that's because Lemuria needs me to look at her, which I would gladly do. Many of the cast have their own Internets out on the Google. They're good to look at, but Major Victory isn't a good speller.

Also I think Monkey Woman needs the work. Remember, after she said she was a real estate agent she admitted to Stan, "I too am an actor." Good job lying to the creator of Spider-Man. How do you sleep at night?

I'm sorry, Monkey Woman. I can't stay mad at you.

Lemuria and Monkey Woman... oh, dang! I broke something! Mother! Where was I? Writing a byline for Joe Crowe?

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