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Douglas Adams : So Long and Thanks For The Salmon
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© Joe Crowe

The British newspaper Independent reported recently that the last works of late Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy creator and comic genius Douglas Adams will be collected later this year.

In the collection will be The Salmon of Doubt, an unfinished novel. The screenplay for a Hitchhiker's Guide movie will "likely" be in the collection.

Adams' agent Ed Victor said, "The book will focus on writing that has never been published or only partly published before now . . . and we are also looking at his PC to see how much he had completed of the novel he was working on when he died."

The paper reports that Victor said that they would not be bringing in any other writer to finish the book. A memorial is being planned for Adams in London in September.

And if you haven't read Adams, what's your problem? Go do it right now. And if you have, read them again. From my personal perspective as one who attempts to write comedy, I have to pay homage to Adams, one of the masters.
Joe Crowe is News Editor for RevolutionSF.

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