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RevolutionSF Newsblast: Superman Returns, Iron Man, Frank Miller
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
May 03, 2007

RevolutionSF Newsblast is sci-fi newsy bits for you to talk about while waiting in line for Spider-Man 3. Or while you're in the theater and you already answered the MovieTime Trivia about Chandler on Friends and the commercials that you already saw at home aren't over.

Mac and Jeez

Have you seen the "I'm A Mac, and I'm a PC," commercials? No? They have the kid from Jeepers Creepers and the resident expert from Daily Show. Still no? It won't help you anyway with a set of parodies, in which Spider-Man and Superman action figures proclaim "I'm A Marvel, and I'm DC."

There's "Welcome Back to the Movies, "A Little Homework Never Hurt Anyone, "When Did That Happen in the Comics?", and "It's Different In This Movie." They discuss Marvel and DC movies, mostly Superman Returns. And it's funny. It takes a strong, good-smelling man to admit that about something he didn't write.

I warn you, however, that Marvel is the Mac side, so these are pro-Marvel. Which, if you're hardcore pro-DC and have a Atom-sized sense of humor, will make you nonplussed.

But fret not. Surely, surely someone with a webcam and some action figures will take DC's side. It's only fair. I mean, seriously. Elektra?

Do you want me to write it for you? Get to work, Interweb!.

Man Alive

A full-body shot of the Iron Man suit in live action is on Entertainment Weekly's site. So beautiful. So very . . . oh, here come the tears again.

Ronin on Empty

Another Frank Miller comic will embiggen at the movies It's Ronin, first published by DC in 1983.

It's about a ronin. There's some bad-future dystopian stuff and some sword-choppy stuff.

That Frank Miller. Wow. I remember how excited I was when I found out he wrote Robocop 2, which came out in 1990. Then I saw it. I thought, "Give this guy 17 years and I bet his movies will be huge.".

Miller doesn't have a ton of competition in the comics writers turned moviemakers thing. There was Roy Thomas and Gerry Conway on Conan the Destroyer. And that's about it.

But that one had Conan punching a camel. Beat that, Miller!

Surfing the Web

I intended to have an article in this column about the new Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four movies. Hence the title, Surfing the Web, because I am a genius. But then the Spider-movie came out and I became giddy and forgot.

While I'm gathering myself, here's the latest trailer for Fantastic Four 2. The Surfer speaks! Hopefully no further jokes about Mr. Fantastic pooping.

RevolutionSF news editor knows more about spiders than he knows about surfing. Sad.

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