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Spider-Man 3
Reviewed by Peggy Hailey, © 2007

Format: Movie
By:   Sam Raimi (director)
Genre:   Superhero
Released:   May 04, 2007
Review Date:   May 03, 2007
Audience Rating:   PG-13
RevSF Rating:   8/10 (What Is This?)

I'll admit it; I was worried.

Sequels are always an iffy proposition, and sequels to sequels have, with very few exceptions, roundly sucked. Raimi has an excellent track record, but I just didn't know if he could pull it off.

Happily, he did. Spider-Man 3 is a thrilling action movie that never loses its heart.

Now don't get me wrong. This isn't a perfect movie. Alvin Sargent and Ivan Raimi did a good job tying everything together and keeping it both fast-moving and comprehensible. But much of the movie is just plain cluttered as it tries to work in three separate villains as well as bringing in Gwen Stacy.

The Sandman effects are awesome, and Thomas Haden Church does a good job with the character, but the whole storyline just doesn't feel necessary when all is said and done.

The key to why this movie works (and why the previous two worked, as well) is the characters, plain and simple. The returning ensemble was amazing, with James Franco's performance really standing out. Both Peter and Harry get to take a walk on the dark side, and Maguire and Franco shine.

Topher Grace was an excellent addition as Eddie Brock both before and after the Venom suit. It just speaks well of the actors as well as the director that their differing reactions to the black suit are entirely in character: Peter Parker becomes a dorky jackass who wants to embarrass his ex, while Eddie Brock becomes a supervillain who wants to destroy Peter Parker.

If you liked the previous movies, you'll like this one, too. I wouldn't mind seeing more episodes of this story (providing all of the principles return), but if this is the last Spider-Man, then it's a good, solid note to go out on.

Demand more RevolutionSF Spider-Man 3 reviews! You deserve it.

Peggy has learned that, while it's true that with great power comes great responsibility, it's equally true that with no power comes great frustration.

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