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RevolutionSF Newsblast: Doctor Who, Harvey Birdman, Smallville, Gil Gerard
Revolution News
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July 14, 2007

RevolutionSF Newsblast is short, semi-useful bits of sci-fi news. Really, it's best you don't go anywhere else.

Can't Geek You Out of My Geek

Finally, a reason to watch Doctor Who! Kylie Minogue will be on the show's Christmas special. It will actually air on Christmas in Britain, which means everyone else on the planet will see it 6 months to 14 years later. (The CBC has third season episodes online for a few weeks after they air there.)

Minogue is not American and is attractive to likers of women. Surely this will appeal to the cult of "Locomotion" cover fans almost as much as if Grand Funk Railroad guest-starred.

Which would be awesome.

Sebben Stages of Grief

Harvey Birdman Attorney-At-Law is retiring, going away, no more making new funny things, as of July 22, 2007. That's when the last episode will air, and that is when I shall embrace my DVDs and whisper "thank you" for that time he found the head of Quickdraw McGraw in his bed.

The show debuted when Adult Swim debuted, in September 2001. Before then, children, Cartoon Network never had shows that said naughty words or made references to the sex, except for Snorks.

Little-Known Blonde Woman News (Safe For Work)

The human female who will play Supergirl on Smallville is Laura Vandervoort. She's from Canada, which exports many fine superhero adapters. Alert! Alert! Attention all pornography spammers . . . add name to celebrity nudity list . . . launch Photoshop for fake nudes . . . seek identical stripper or relative . . . deploy paparazzi for nipple slips. . . . end alert . . .

Razor Burns

Here's a trailer for the Battlestar Galactica TV-movie, Razor, that aired on Sci Fi recently. Geek Monthly reports that original series designs for Colonial Vipers, Imperial Base Stars, and Cylon Raiders will appear. And so will the original Cylon robots, but in CGI instead of a dude in a suit. Whew. Yeah. OK. I need to lie down for a minute.

Not Cool

Surprise! The Cavemen sitcom sucks already! They're redoing the pilot, and putting the poor child who played Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns in as one of the Cavemen.

Heap Big Trouble

Since Harry Potter will soon be tossed out like yesterday's table scraps, Hollywood is moving toward Septimus Heap, another British sounding kids' fantasy book about wizards and wizardly type stuff.

The Heap books began in 2006, with the first book, "For When You're Done With Half Blood Prince."

Triumph of the Gil

Gil Gerard played Buck Rogers, and how he concentrated on even speaking English while standing so near to Erin Gray is nothing short of superhuman.

Now he's undergoing gastric bypass surgery on the Discovery Health Channel.

And here are links to it. Good night, folks!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Inside someone's guts warning: Part 2 starts off inside someone's guts.

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