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The Invasion Movie Poster Contest
© Joe Crowe
August 07, 2007

You like posters. You like Nicole Kidman. You like the new James Bond, Daniel Craig.

Imagine how much you would enjoy a poster with Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig!

The Invasion opens August 17. When you play RevolutionSF contests, you can win the movie poster.

Best of all, the poster is helpful and convenient. It will help you remember which movie to see when you visit your local movie watching place on August 17.

Check out the poster here.

The movie was originally a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. In a stunning, unprecedented move, the movie was different enough from the original that they changed the name. We should go see it just because of that.

You hear that, I, Robot?

They are not in the title, but there may still be bodies and/or snatching.

All four RevolutionSF contests are part of the contest: Short Attention Span Sci-Fi, The Funny List, Sci-Fi Theorizer, and Sci-Ku.

Poster winners will be chosen from all posted winning entries of RevolutionSF contests. These are fun to play regardless, but this time: free poster.

Thanks for playing! And go see The Invasion August 17.

Posters courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures.

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