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What Would The Terminator Do?
Contest Hosted by Joe Crowe

Where better to look for wisdom than in the works of the Terminator, so wise in the shooting and the killing and the speaking of the catch phrases? His guns and muscles inspire us all.

Today's Dilemma: I feel that I deserve a raise, but I'm afraid to ask my boss.

What Would The Terminator Do?

Approach him and demand more currency for a job well performed. If he refuses, tell him "F[il]k you, [m]asshole" and blow off his kneecaps with a plasma rifle in the 30 watt range. (megatonnage@hotmail.com)

<With heavy Austrian accent> Rip off half your face and stumble into his office with a sawed off shotgun. Say, 'Your printer is in trouble.' Then say, 'And I'm bleeding to death.' If he does not get the idea, recuperate and then sue his ass for not paying enough of your medical bills. Then, shoot him, jump into a tub of molten metal and say, 'I'll be back.' even though you won't be until that idiot decides to pull you out of his closet and make a third one with some stupid woman robot in it! Hey.. Wait. A woman robot? Hold on, I'll be back. (arc_highbeam@yahoo.com)

"I vant ze Uzi nine milimeter, der forty-five wid der long slide, a phase plasma rifle in der fordy watt range, and a raise."

"Hey, just what you see, pal."

BLAMM. (andrew@fidai.clara.net)

Hunt him down...is his name John Connor? (leissuit@aol.com)

Perhaps the following, if wisdom can be measured, is the wisest of wisdom.

The Terminator would not ask his boss. The Terminator would kill his boss, take his clothes, and give himself a raise. (collin@crosslink.net)

Now go in peace, and may your traveling through time naked always lead you to clothing.

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