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Hobbit Movie: Mordor Freezes Over
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
December 18, 2007

Stop shaving your feet! Mordor has frozen over.

Peter Jackson is set to create The Hobbit as two movies with New Line, who he did those other Lord of the Rings movies with.

Jackson and New Line had a teenage girl style slap-fight going for years. I guess they decided that 50 bazillion dollars was worth them cowboying up.

Jackson and Fran Walsh will executive produce the two movies, which will be shot at the same time. No word on a director yet.

The press release says they settled "all litigation." Hooray! Now the courts can focus on murder and stuff again.

Of course, you realize. This means you have to watch Mr. Leonard Nimoy singing "The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins."

Shake it, sweatshirt girls!

Jackson says he's "very pleased we can put our differences behind us."

The CEOs of New Line and MGM also gushed in the press release about Peter Jackson. They blew him kisses and wrote him love notes with little hearts over the i's.

They declared that they will all be "Best Friends 4-Eva."

And that "Seniors Rule."

They're set to shoot in 2009, with the first Hobbity part in 2010, and the second Hobbity part in 2011.

It did NOT say that Jackson is not directing. It also didn't say that he is. Sam Raimi might direct, says Variety, but he'll do the horror movie Drag Me To Hell first. In Variety, Raimi calls it a "spook-a-blast."

But Internet. May I call you that? Internet, let's not go bitch-cakes. We got our Hobbit movies. Peter Jackson will be there. Let us not rip angst and spew from the jaws of rapture and delight.

In the land of the Shire, lives brave little RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe that we all admire.

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