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Conan Movie: We Haven`t The Tongue For It
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
January 11, 2008

So the Conan movie tidbits make the rounds again. This is me making a deep, abiding sigh. There's a distribution deal, which means someone will pass it around if only someone else will make it.

The only thing in the Variety story is names of two writers, Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. They wrote Sahara. But the story says they "will" write it. I reckon the strike is the holdoup. Or maybe they just have laundry piling up.

Meanwhile, in Robert E. Howard movie news that is more promising. Or rather, slightly less unpromising.

The Solomon Kane movie with James Purefoy, Marc Antony from the glory that is Rome as Big Daddy Kane, will also have Max Von Sydow, who likes to play with things awhile before annihilation.

Pete Postlewaite, who's been in a zillion things, is also new to the cast, joining the former Borg Queen, Alice Krige.

They hired actors! That's a bold step. The director is Michael J. Bassett, who has only directed two other things, neither of which I have heard.

But they're starting to film this month, Variety says! But they were also supposed to film last year and they didn't! But I'm staying positive! That's right! Positive!

Solomon Kane is a 17th century Puritan who fights evil with a flintlock pistol and a musket and later, the staff of Solomon. The movie synopsis says 16th century, but hey, they're only off by 100 years! Staying positive!

There comes a time, RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe, when the jewels cease to sparkle.

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