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RevolutionSF Newsblast : Fringe, Gamers, X-Men
Revolution News
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January 25, 2008

RevolutionSF Newsblast loves sci-fi almost as much as Hungry Jack biscuits.

Batcave Home Theater Excellent Place To Masturbate About Catwoman

Seriously, after you drop the bat-bank for this home theater, you will have nothing left to squire your young ward about town in your ascots.

I just want a Batpole. A big one.

Guy From Dawson's Creek Allowed To Work Again

Joshua Jackson, the only one from Dawson's Creek that didn't marry Tom Cruise, will be in Fringe, a JJ Abrams sci-fi series about the stuff that hangs off the pants of hippies.

The news release says the show is "a high-profile Fox sci-fi drama pilot," to which Peggy Hailey said "Hee."

In other words, all those words together make a quintuple oxymoron.

Movie Tries To Appeal To Role-Playing Game Players

Gamers is a movie about how role playing gamers are wacky. The greatest American hero, William Katt, is in it. And Beverly D'Angelo. This focuses directly on me, the William Katt consumer.

Read A Lot About a Star Wars Video Game

If you've ever said to yourself, I want to read 800 million words about Force Unleashed, a Star Wars video game I can't play yet, then get crackin'.

X-Men Cartoon Good If You Like Stubbly Cyclops

A new X-Men cartoon series is coming soon, and here's a long trailer. Looks nifty, if you like trailers that kill off characters in the first ten seconds.

Oops. Spoiler!

I never thought Joe Crowe could be so free.

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