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Sci Fi Love: Slash Couples
© Deanna Toxopeus
February 25, 2008

Slash is fan fiction that focuses on romantic, and frequently sexual relationships between two or more male characters who are not engaged in sexual relationships in the canon universe. Here is a RevSF look at the slashiest sci-fi pairings.

5. C3PO and R2D2

This is not the most obviously older, married gay couple since Ernie and Bert. 3P0 was the old woman, whining and wringing his hands over the horrible things that were going to happen to them. R2 was the crotchety old man who had been around 3P0's keening for so long that he had learned to tune it out.

Yet when something bad happened to one, the other was lost and distraught. Their reunion scenes are the stuff of Hallmark cards.

4. Jim Ellison and Blair Sandberg, Sentinel

You may only vaguely remember this UPN series, but the protagonists of the The Sentinel were slashy to the core. Blair was supposed to be Jim's guide in learning how to use his sentinel powers. What other things did he guide Jim in?

Nearly every episode saw Blair trapped in some precarious situation with Jim having to rescue him. It was worse than the Perils of Pauline. Plus Blair practically lived at Jim's apartment, where actor Richard Burgi walked around in a shirtless state to show off his rippling pecs. I've seen more subtle homoeroticism at a Gay Pride parade.

3. Batman and Robin

An older, more experienced man in a skintight suit. A younger boy with a tragic past in short pants. The playing dress-up. The extensive use of gizmos and gadgets. The latex nipples on the outfits. The copious use of ropes. The sliding down the poles.

2. Kirk and Spock

The Alpha and the Omega of slashfic. We would be remiss if they didn't show up on this list.

They exchanged looks that launched a thousand badly written fanfic stories (and probably a few good ones). When you read the title of this article, you immediately thought of these two.

1. Frodo and Sam

The declarations of loyalty. The clutching onto each other as they crawl over the mountains. The overwrought looks.

I dare anyone, anyone, to watch Return of the King and not get the slash possibilities of these two. Set up as a representation of the relationship between an upper-class officer and his batman from WWI with clear positions of power and subservience, this morphed into a deep friendship that can easily be reinterpreted. Especially given all the crying that took place.

Deanna Toxopeus writes Ubalblog while thinking untoward thoughts about the dudes from seaQuest DSV.

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