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RevolutionSF Newsblast : George Takei, Hulk, Green Arrow, Shatner
Revolution News
© Joe Crowe
June 08, 2008

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Hulk Movie Director Promises Something Potentially Awesome

The director of the Hulk movie, Louis Letterier, said "You might see Captain America himself."

OMG, you guys!!! Honestly, if Captain America appears in the movie, I cannot guarantee the safety or dryness of the people around me.

DC Movie Slapassedness Update: Green Arrow

A movie premise got out to the masses over a year ago called Supermax, where Green Arrow is in prison and fights a bunch of DC villains. And the Internet got all verklempt, even though that was only one step removed from a chain-smoker talking about his fan script in front of the comic store.

RevSF contributing writer Jayme Blaschke goes in-depth about the whole thing, as someone who created the Green Arrow Shrine is wont to do.

The latest chapter of the story is now it's called Green Arrow since Green Arrow is in it. That's step 1 to DC finally getting a movie done without Batman in it. Bake yourselves a cake, DC movie people.

The Uninvited Shatner

George Takei's wedding will include Water Koenig as best man and Nichelle Nichols as matron of honor, and the Nimoys will attend. But William Shatner is questionable. Takei's future husband Brad Altman said they only have 200 seats and "I don't know if William Shatner is going to make the cut."

Not a problem. Shatner doesn't invite Takei to his next one, and they'll be even.

Meanwhile, Shatner found a way to appear on every wire service in the free world for no reason and say nothin'. Such is his right. He is Shatner.

RevolutionSF news editor Joe Crowe made decisions. He was forceful.

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