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Hulk 2003 Movie Sucks / Rocks
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June 11, 2008

Why does puny 2003 movie hunt Hulk? Hound Hulk? Why won't 2003 movie leave Hulk alone?

Hulk's 2003 Movie Sucks

Hulk poodle. Hulk poodle!

Bad lighting at the end renders the compu-fight between the Hulk and Nick Nolte cartoons almost invisible. -- Joe Crowe

The end of the movie. Five years later, and I still haven't found anyone who can tell me what the hell exactly happened at the end. Anyone? -- Sneezy the Squid

Comic book style panels. In theory, having comic book style panels in a movie sounds like a cool homage to the source material. In practice, it's silly and confusing. -- Sneezy

God, make the CGI go away. All that I could think of every time the Hulk popped into the scene was, "Wasn't there a better way to do this?" The CGI Hulk just didn't work for me, and I fear the issue will be the same with the 2008 film. Hulk just looks too cartoonish to be "real." It was incredibly distracting and literally ruined the movie for me in the final act. -- Jay Willson

Where's Hulk? Stop talking. More smashing!

Hulk's 2003 Movie Rocks

The fight between Hulk and the Army in the desert is straight out of the comics, and a lot of fun to watch. I love when he rips the barrel off one tank and taps it against his palm as he strides towards the second. -- Sneezy

Eric Bana is a really good Bruce. He should play more superheroes. They'll give Oscars out for them, eventually, when there are no other parts for anyone to play. -- Joe

Sam Elliot as General Ross. Much like in Ghost Rider he provides pretty much the only element of gravity and coolness. -- Sneezy

The cast.Sam Elliot, Eric Bana, Jennifer Connelly and the pretty disturbing Nick Nolte were all excellent, and elevated the material most of the time. -- Jay

Ang Lee. Crap, Ang Lee working on a Marvel Comics film? Just that statement alone is cool. It's certainly not his best film, but I thought that some of his previous brilliance made it through to the final cut. It's no Ice Storm, but I liked the attempt at pushing the movie frames into comics panels. It may have not worked in every scene, but it was a cool idea. -- Jay

"Biting the cable" never caught on as a superhero movie shark-jump term. Neither did "punching the poodle." -- Joe Crowe

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