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RevolutionSF Remembers Stan Winston
© Gary Mitchel, Peggy Hailey
June 17, 2008

Stan Winston's Creatures were figures crafted by the same guys at Stan Winston Studios that did the designs and effects for the movies. I'm shocked that geeks didn't buy them by the dozen.

The Creature Feature and Realm of the Claw lines were some well made figures, and the Creature Feature flicks themselves were pretty fun. My "Earth vs. The Spider" creature will always have a place of honor on my shelf. -- RevSF staff writer Gary Mitchel

* * * * * * *

Iron Man was the work of Stan Winston. About a jillion other things of his are excellent, from the Terminators to Galaxy Quest.

His great achievements, however, are all because he set the bar so high for himself when he did the special effects on Manimal. -- Joe Crowe

* * * * * * *

The movies have always been a place of magic, where things that are make-believe can seem all too real. Stan Winston's gift was not just in making the impossible seem possible, but in making the impossible a character in it's own right.

Think for a minute about that iconic Terminator skeleton, or the alien queen in Aliens. They weren't just seamlessly integrated special effects; they were characters: inevitable, unstoppable, and scary as hell.

And if there was someone out there who didn't completely revert to 10 years old when they saw the inhabitants of Jurassic Park, then I don't want to meet 'em. Stan Winston was the magic of the movies, as only a very few others have been, and the movies won't shine quite as bright without him. -- RevSF books editor Peggy Hailey

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