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After Harry : The Big List
© Deanna Toxopeus
July 07, 2008

After the last Harry Potter book, every reader of that style and ilk were left jonesing. RevolutionSF staff writer Deanna Toxopeus reveals there are plenty of options to ease our need for fantasy, sci-fi, and adventurey stuff.

Here is the master list of After Harry profiles so far. So we don't have to do something crazy like not read.

Zombiekins, Blue Girl, Hearts at Stake

For her 16th birthday, Solange has her first transformation into a vampire to look forward to. Some girls just can't catch a break.

Hunger Games, Wink, Graceling

"It's like the movie Running Man. Ask your parents."

Alex and the Ironic Gentleman, Mrs. Frisby

"Your students will love you!"

Squids Will Be Squids, Bone

"Think Monty Python, but aimed at kids."

Wimpy Kid, Mo Willems, Tamora Pierce

"I'm not saying that tweens are self-centered. Well, OK, I am."

Fanboy and Gothgirl, Dish and Spoon, Phantom Tollbooth

"This book is funny, silly, and a very good ride."

Fairest, Flotsam, Magic Thief

"English teachers will find the beginning of a thousand writing assignments in the pages of this book."

Septimus Heap, Howl's Moving Castle, Dragonsong

Also includes Ella Enchanted.

"There is still enough silliness so that the boys in the audience will not mind the romance so much."

Terrier, Secret of Platform 13, Repossessed, Belgariad

"Kiriel is a fallen angel tired of supervising the condemned souls in Hell, which is really not as exciting as you think."

City of Ember, Awake and Dreaming, Runemarks

Books by Jeanne DePrau, Kit Pearson, and Joanne Harris. City of Ember is a "gripping post-apocalypse story." Runemarks is an "amazing fantasy story based on Norse mythology."

Uglies, The Freak, Artemis Fowl

Books by Scott Westerfield, Carol Matas, and Eoin Colfer. Uglies has more dystopia. The Freak stars a psychic girl who gets her power after "meeting-her-granddad kind of nearly dying." Artemis Fowl stars the son of a criminal mastermind, a fairie, and a centaur.

Inheritance; Daughter of the Lioness; Spiderwick

Deanna says, "Having a dragon to ride, not to mention blow fire at people you don't like, is every kid's dream."

In Spiderwick Chronicles, kids anger a brownie, "the fairy, not the little girl delivering cookies."

Airborne and Skybreaker; The Immortals; The Secret Under My Skin

Books by Kenneth Oppel, Tamora Pierce, and Janet McNaughton. Airborne and Skybreaker is a "youth steampunk adventure." And it has blimps, which are always good things.

City of the Beasts; The Ear, The Eye, The Arm; Among the Hidden

Books by Isabel Allende, Nancy Farmer, and Margaret Peterson Haddix. Among the Hidden is a "believable dystopia." The Ear, The Eye, and The Arm has a trio of detectives who must thwart the She-Elephant.

His Dark Materials, Bartemaeus, Holes

One of the good things about His Dark Materials, according to Deanna: "There are armored polar bears that talk and fight." And there's "snarky goodness" in the Bartamaeus footnotes.

Still jonesing? RevolutionSF staff writer Deanna Toxopeus looks at these and other books in her RevolutionSF blog.

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